The seven canonical prayers have their root in the Psalms. David said;"Seven times a day, do I praise you of your righteous Judgement" Psalm This hour is prayed early in the morning, and commemorates the Resurrection of the Lord Psalm In this hour of the day, the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles as tongues of fire Acts

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This originates from a psalm written by the prophet David. We celebrate this so early because Psalm " Within this hour we thank God for keeping us throughout the night safely and bringing us to a new and glorious morning that we ask Him to bless.

It should be prayed before breakfast since you give three metanias. Most of us usally sleep through this hour. Who can actually say they have not hit the snooze button repeatedly because five more minutes is more tempting than reading the Psalms? Actually, the Psalms are beautiful songs to begin the day with. Ever heard of this song, "The Heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork?

Psalm 18 " What better way to start your morning than singing to our Creator! This is really the hour is occurred as mentioned in the Bible in Acts At this hour, also, our Lord was condemned. Here we ask for the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He provides guidance in situations we might encounter such as a dead car battery and accidents or even serious decisions concerning your future.

Think of this hour as your Wheaties Cereal for the day. As mentioned in John , the crucifixion really did occur at the sixth hour. This time we ask forgiveness of our sins as we recognize His sacrifice for our salvation.

The NONE is the ninth hour prayed at 3 PM commemorating the death of our Lord in the flesh upon the tree and the testimony of the thief at His right hand. We ask to be accepted like the right-hand thief was. Here we thank God for keeping us through the day and bringing us to the evening. It is the last hour of the daily life of man, since sleep is a "small death.

The prayers end with pure comfort that we are ready to sleep even if it is the sleep of death. The Gospels of every hour have a message. Even though you can read these at home, you probably will not get the full effect of the message as placed in each hour.

The NONE gives the blessings through the five loaves and two fish. All these messages are reminders to consciously shape each day as a Christian.

The Psalms of every hour are usually twelve in number with some exceptions. The psalms concern prayer and supplications to God about issues we may forget in personal prayer. The psalms revolve around thanks-giving, asking mercy, asking help, repentance, and praises.

The psalms are beautiful and cover all types of your moods. If you feel helpless and in trouble, Psalm 69 is a cry to the Lord to "make haste. Will You forget me forever?

Psalm If you need a time of praise, "Praise the Lord! If you want to cry to God, "I cry out to the Lord with my voice; with my voice to the Lord, I make my supplication" Psalm No matter what you are experiencing, there is a psalm for the emotion. King David was a man like us and lived the life cycle of this world where he saw good days and bad days.

With these psalms, he expressed his emotions to God and the psalms also help us to do likewise. We can never say "Kyrie Eleison" enough. We have sinned and continue to live lives full of sin in this world. We struggle and face the Lord crying to Him with these sins embracing our minds saying in eeach hour, "Lord have mercy" forty-one times. Thrity-nine of these correspond to the flogging which the Lord sustained; the remaining two correspond to the Crown of Thorns and the piercing of the side of the Lord.

It covers all hours and all types of petitions we have for the Lord. You can only win by praying through this book. It may seem burdensome, but slowly it can become a powerful connection to God.

It is a constant conversation with Him through your day.


Verse Of The Day

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Agpeya, Liturgy, Psalmody and Coptic Book of Psalms

Thank you. Your message was sent successfully! Close Sorry, there was an error sending your form. It contains prayers for seven different hours to be said throughout the day. The hours are chronologically laid out, each containing a theme corresponding to events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Agpeya

Allons nous prosterner, allons prier le Christ, notre Roi. Allons nous prosterner, allons supplier le Christ, notre Sauveur. Brisons leurs liens. Et maintenant, rois, conduisez-vous avec sagesse! Juges de la terre, recevez instruction.



The Agpeya prayers are popular prayers recited by both individuals and families at home, as well as for communal prayers as an introduction to mass at church. The vast majority of the Copts learn the recitation and prayers of the Agpeya at an early age as children at home from their families. It includes seven canonical hours, which to a great extent correspond to the Byzantine order, with an additional "Prayer of the Veil" which is usually recited by Bishops, Priests, and Monks something like the Byzantine Midnight Office. The hours are chronologically laid out, each containing a theme corresponding to events in the life of Jesus Christ: The Midnight Praise said in the early morning before dawn commemorates the Second Coming of Christ. Prime Morning Raising of Incense is said upon awaking up in the morning or after the Midnight Praise the previous night. The vast majority of the Copts recite this prayer upon waking up in the morning. Terce 9 a.

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