If additional help is needed, please consult the Factory. The pump is equipped with either a fixed or adjustable bypass valve which controls the maximum operating pressure. In addition, never subject the pump to pressures above PSI 8. Never operate the pump in harsh environment or hazardous atmosphere, since motor brush and switch may cause electrical arcing. Pumphead materials are designed for use with water only. Do not use with petroleum products.

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Solved all my problems - took my water pressure from 45psi to 80psi. Output went from a few drips to a steady stream and my DI resin is lasting much longer now. All you need to install it is 4 mounting screws and a tubing cutter. Install the push Guest fittings in the pump, cut the input water line for your RODI unit make sure to turn the water off and depressurize the lines first and insert into the fittings flow is right to left indicated by the arrows on top of the pump.

Your basically putting the pump inline between the water supply and the RODI unit. Next connect the pressure switch to the pump and power supply connectors, cut the product water output line and connect each side to the pressure switch flow direction does not matter here. Total installation time of about 10 minutes, almost doubled my water pressure, I wish I had installed one sooner!

Same pump that Spectrapure sells however Aqua Cave sells it cheaper AND the switch comes with the unit unlike spectrapures kit! Shutdown switch works great. Setup and mounting the pump is simple.

I am on well water and my pressure is about 30psi. The pump increased the pressure to about psi. It was extremely easy to hook up and works like a charm. Took forever to find instructions to use setup with pressure tank and ASV.

Best advice replace existing auto shut off with a solenoid. Getting the ASV in tune with the pressure switch is no easy chore. Had to get a solenoid as I couldnt get the ASV to work with the pressure switch and pump would not shut off. If you place switch immediately after the pump you will only get 60 psi max pressure into the membrane.. Aquatec makes the best in the business. My system produces water with lower TDSs at a rate more than twice as fast as prior to plumbing the Aquatec pump.

Highly recommended for all RO users. Remember that Review by sally I have used your equipment for the last 4 years with great pleasure and confidence.


Aquatec RO Booster Pump - 8800 High Flow 8851-2J03-B423S | Free Shipping



Aquatec CDP 8800 Pressure Boost Pump 125 PSI, 3/8 JG, 24 VAC



AQUATECH 8800 RO Booster pump Kit


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