Shakagal BIW Welding Fixture Design It involves numbers of fixture units and due to the complexity and shape of the component geometry, the choice of elements as well as configuration of each unit tends to change from case to case. Load condition and configuration are not uniform, so it is impossible to set a base shape in general. Skip wdlding main content. The framework of the base is usually made of shape steel. The taper lead angle is large, 60 degrees or less, for small-size body parts and manual operation, but it is frequently between10 and 30 degrees for large-size body parts that are difficult to handle. The shape of locating surface is a form of cross-section of panel.

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The purpose of study BIW process includes the following: The special focus on the structure of a body BIW enables you to find the logic and flow of body panels, and the relationships between them. The analyzing of body is made up of several hundreds of stamped components which are joined together by spot welding with welding gun for understanding of welding points and allocate them to welding operations.

Study of cycle time diagrams, for check reach ability and optimizing it. Cycle time is estimating the required working time for each station. You create your concept design based on process study Now you can use of process study for defining the design criteria and finding or verifying the concepts.

The welding fixture design is created with the following steps: The clamping plans for accurate positioning of components, while the components are aligned to a suitable plane for welding they are designed in the carline plane as in BIW. Design of the weld fixture is unit based on clamping plan, therefore there are a number of fixture unit types used in the welding fixtures for the purpose of each unit and due to the complexity and shape of the component geometry, the choice of elements as well as configuration of each unit tends to change from case to case.

The check of weld accessibility and spot weld for unrestricted access to each weld point, before and after the fixture design, the accessibility of the weld guns to all the spot points can be simulated and studied thoroughly to avoid guns colliding with other fixture elements. The 3D Modeling becomes the basic for following item: Create 3D Modeling of the weld fixture for visualizing the entire fixture in a three-dimensional environment.

The 3D CAD Model of weld fixture unit enables you to make CAD Model of clamp location plan for ensuring that plan problems and waste are discovered before your fixture drawing to send for manufacturing. By 3D Modeling of weld fixture, you can quickly prepare manufacturing drawings. For design welding fixture, trying to understand processes is essential. It is starting with process logic and flow, and defines the relationships between operations.

The process study is a solution that to help you quickly define and evaluate process to arrive at the best plan for designing your fixture. The result is process study containing a full description of how a product is assembled, manufactured and increases your profitability by improving critical success factors in your fixture design. The process study allows designer to leverage and optimize existing resources and to better integrate the designing process from beginning to end can not only help designer create fixture faster, but you can also begin design earlier in the overall cycle or even start later, in order to accommodate unanticipated changes.

The Assembly Process studying allows evaluating alternatives, coordinating resources, optimizing throughput, plan for multiple variants, implement changes and estimate costs and cycle times, from the very early stages of concept planning through process. Studying, Analyzing and Managing Manufacturing Processes enables you to collaboratively plan and analyzing manufacturing processes for your fixture.

You can create optimal design and accommodate multiple plan variations, quicker and faster than ever before. Process study provides a collaborative environment for planning designing processes. A broad range of applications enable you to define and verify body assembly sequences, create clamping plan layout, define the required time for each operation, verify plan performance, perform plan balancing and analyze of spot welding and guns.

The body-in-white Manufacturing Process includes: Automotive body assembly Cycle time diagrams Automotive body assembly The major process of an automotive body is electric resistance welding. The body of automotive is made up of several hundreds of stamped components which are joined together by spot welding process. Overall quality of the car body BIW and quality of the sub assemblies, apart from quality of each stamped part, depends remarkably on quality of the welded joint.

You should study of part joining, welding operations such as spot-welding and define welding points and allocate them to welding operations. The study of welding process can be classified as follow: The number of welding spot The position and volume number of welding spot The type of welding gun The material and sheet metal thickness for setting of welding condition Cycle time diagrams The cycle time is estimating the required working time of each station.

Cycle time study is based on the information such as: Part loading.


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