Start your review of The Book of Awesome Write a review Shelves: nonfiction It seems like maybe these tiny little moments make an awesome difference in many of our rushed, jam-packed lives. Maybe we all love snow days, peeling an orange in one shot, and Popping Bubble Wrap. I picked this book up at exactly the right time. I had just recently started reading Everyday Sexism , and it ignited a spark within me that I had thought to be long extinguished. I felt such rage at the seeming unfairness of how tragedy was handed out— I actually had to stop reading because I felt so exasperated and, frankly, scared.

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The tool you need is resilience. Let this deeply researched book be your step-by-step guide. With real-life stories and a conversational style, he shows how we can move forward in the face of challenge to make our days more intentional and joyful. Receive three full chapters that were cut before the final manuscript was completed Three Bonus Workbooks: All developed by my wife Leslie, a teacher, community leader, and mother of three: The Parenting Workbook.

How to use the book to grow as a parent and develop resilience with your family. The Teacher Workbook. How to use the book to build community, strength, and a growth mindset in the classroom.

The Self-Growth Workbook. How to use the book to develop specific strategies to live a more resilient life. The Cheat Sheet. A printable 1-page poster highlighting the nine secrets of the book in a handy reference guide. A series of short videos where I address major topics from anxiety to stress to failure. Recommended Reading List. Full of practical ideas and suggestions, supported by personal anecdotes and stories that bring them to life. I have been through loss.

And I have had to get stronger. Resilience is a muscle that hurts to build. What would have made it easier? This book. A recipe for thickening our skin in thin-skinned times. I have long retired from teaching and am now watching as he becomes the teacher for me and many others.


The Book of Awesome

Neil Pasricha Dogs are lazy. There, I said it. Dogs, my friend. Dogs, dogs, dogs. I feel bad for blind people of three hundred years ago.


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Early life[ edit ] Pasricha was born in Oshawa, Ontario to a Hindu family [14]. His mother is from Nairobi, Kenya; his father is from Amritsar, India, and he has one sister. Pasricha says much of his wonder for the world comes from his immigrant parents and their perspective on seeing everything for the first time in Canada. While there, he wrote for campus humor newspaper Golden Words which then took him to New York City to work for a humor syndicate with former Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons writers. He says "It was a cool rush but it became draining very quickly.

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