Click to print Opens in new window Anyone at all familiar with lesbian culture is at least marginally aware of femme invisibility, and those who have been affected by it — typically those who identify as femme — have also felt ridiculously frustrated. Though much has been written on the subjects of sexual and gender identities, far fewer texts examine femme identity on its own terms; femme as an identity that stands alone. Traditionally, when the femme identity is examined at all, it is examined in direct contrast with butch. But while the butch-femme dynamic is indeed an integral part of lesbian culture and history herstory? Instead, the contributors of Brazen Femme show us identities that are self-containing and independent, identities that define themselves precisely by resisting definition. Nor will you find racy butch-femme erotica or fluttery poetry describing the exquisite pain of corset-lacing and the subversive power of red lipstick.

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Shelves: sex , queer Like others have said, this book is not bad, but falls short in some areas. But aside from that, I did enjoy Like others have said, this book is not bad, but falls short in some areas. But aside from that, I did enjoy it, especially some of the poetry, and I would recommend it as a general queer identity read. Not much is actually said in this anthology, but at least the perspectives tend to be diverse.

Anyway: not a bad read. But not a good one, either, really. Aug 26, Kat Heatherington rated it really liked it it took me something like six months to make my way through this slender little volume. Fem me is put on, a put-on, fetish production at the hands of subject becoming object, becoming fetish, while always retaining a sense of performance, always amused yet possibly bored by its effects. What the feminine represses returns from inside and outside as the future of desire.

Refusing the fate of Girl-by-Nature, she fem me is Girl-by-Choice. Finding in androgyny the rejection of all femininity too much loss, too little pleasure, and ugly shoes, the fem me takes from the feminine a wardrobe, a walk, a wink, and then moves on to sound the death knell of an abject sexuality contorted and subjected to moral concerns. Not a performer of legible gender transgression, like the butch and his sister the drag queen, but a betrayer of legibility itself. Seemingly "normal," she responds to "normal" expectations with a sucker punch -- she occupies normality abnormally.


Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity

Undeniably celebratory and deeply troubling, this sharp-edged collection of fiction, prose poetry, personal essay, photographs, and illustration figures the un-hyphenated femme experience emerging in performance, betrayal, -violence, humor and survival. Brazen Femme recognizes femme as an identity in flux and in motion, as constantly being reinvented. This mutability sets the stage for creative and thoughtful representation featuring critically acclaimed writers including Michelle Tea, Camilla Gibb, Sky Gilbert, Amber Hollibaugh and Anurima Banerji. The collection includes the entertaining and challenging work of writers and artists whose stories are missing from existing explorations of femme that exclude experiences of men, transsexual women, and sex workers. Whether by choice or necessity, these frenzied femmes each explore their desires to make and remake femininity fit their own queer frames. Darlings, drag queens, whores and action heroes.



But aside from that, I did enjoy Like others have said, this book is not bad, but falls short in some areas. She is a member of the Stern Writing Mistresses and the Public Access art collective and editorial board. It also seeks to include a class perspective, including voices from sex workers, poor folks, and others oft excluded or looked down for their occupation or lack of pedigree, depending on the case. That sounds like a fairly long list, but it was all interesting to approach critically and think about nonetheless — and the rest of the book more than made up for it.


Read a F*cking Book: “Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity”


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