The second and new ability gives them the ability to hit in Overwatch on a 5 or 6, and the third also new ability lets Iron Hands vehicles double their remaining wounds count when determining which profile to use. You may decide that you want to look elsewhere from the main chapter tactic and be wondering whether these rules apply to you if you pick successor traits, and how you might best use them. The breakdown of how to get these abilities is as follows. If your warlord is from an Iron Hands successor, you can normally only use the Codex: Space Marines relics or the Special Issue Wargear page in this book to pick relics, and can access one of the relics on the Relics of Medusa page via a stratagem.

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The second and new ability gives them the ability to hit in Overwatch on a 5 or 6, and the third also new ability lets Iron Hands vehicles double their remaining wounds count when determining which profile to use.

You may decide that you want to look elsewhere from the main chapter tactic and be wondering whether these rules apply to you if you pick successor traits, and how you might best use them.

The breakdown of how to get these abilities is as follows. If your warlord is from an Iron Hands successor, you can normally only use the Codex: Space Marines relics or the Special Issue Wargear page in this book to pick relics, and can access one of the relics on the Relics of Medusa page via a stratagem. If your warlord is IRON HANDS or a Iron Hands successor, you can pick his trait from the list in here This might seem to be needlessly complicating things, but there are actually some subtleties of who gets what in various soup scenarios.

Basically: You are pure Iron Hands — you get everything. You are a pure Iron Hands successor — you get almost everything. This is almost certainly what the rather more restrictive wording is intended to prevent, so good job, GW. At first glance, it looks similar to the Ultramarines trait but has some differences — on the upside Iron Hands get their doctrine from turn one and will frequently stay in devastator all game , but on the downside they do not count as being stationary they just ignore the penalty for moving and shooting , losing some of the interactions Ultramarines get such as with Aggressors.

This guy is a super powered gravis armored Techmarine, throwing buffs to all your nearby units and providing a more reliable repair. For now what you need to know is that at only points, this guy is a steal. Other Units In addition to Feirros, there are a few regular Space Marines units that particularly stand out.

After it lives, the Iron Hands have many ways to repair a vehicle, and it is significantly harder to degrade. The Executioner is rapidly becoming a mainstay of tournament lists anyway, and Iron Hands push them to ridiculous heights.

Imperial Fists Repulsor Executioner. As an added bonus, the Leviathan can use the Duty Eternal stratagem from the core book to take half damage, reducing a max-roll lascannon shot from 6 damage to 2 when combined with the Ironstone seriously, just assume every Iron Hands list includes this. With the ability of these Dreadnoughts to take ranged weapons on both arms, an Iron Hands player can have a firebase that is extremely difficult to put any shots into on the first few turns of the game.

Iron Hands Suppressors can freely move around to take advantage of FLY for positioning, and have a native reroll that mitigates the need for support characters. The new codex dropped the cost of the base hull, and the Iron Hands doctrine allows it to stay in supersonic mode without either a hit penalty or losing re-rolls, making the Stormtalon more effective at crossing the board to hit hiding units or take out characters.

Wings Note: I honestly think the Stormhawk might be even better; its base build is cheaper and has more shots, and is an excellent counter to the prevalence of fliers in the current metagame.

The Techmarines can also be handed a relic, and potentially provide a useful body to chuck The Tempered Helm on. Imagine the decals are different. Technomancy focuses primarily on your vehicles and your durability, with power options for use either defensively or offensively.

Similar to the popular Recitation of Focus chaplain litany, this has longer range and casts Ranged attacks cause a mortal wound to the firing unit on unmodified hit rolls of one. Useful against any enemy units that fire significant numbers of shots. Since mass low-damage fire is one of the best counters to the durability of an Iron Hands gunline, this power provides a solid deterrent.

The relatively short range and high warp charge renders it hard to count on. Beam powers have tended to be underwhelming but this can actually be a lot if you manage to line it up right against some armies.

Like cover, but stacks on top of it. Turns your Librarian into a Techmarine, giving you an option to repair a second vehicle. Watch out for that. B Biggest wins here are Blessing of the Machine God and Psysteel Armor, which combine to give your vehicles a strong survivability buff and an additional counter to things that have penalties to hit. An important consideration while reviewing these, jumping ahead to stratagems, is that Iron Hands can make a Dreadnought a character, making them eligible to take these.

C Will of Iron: The Warlord may deny 1 psychic power per turn, or 1 extra if it could already deny. Extra denies are very useful in an Iron Hands army, as much of your ability to reduce incoming damage applies to shooting and melee, not mortal wounds.

Of marginal use on most characters, but through use of the Hero of the Chapter and March of the Ancients stratagem this can be given to a Dreadnought, providing a solid boost to durability.

Another very interesting trait to apply to a Dreadnought, as it nearly prevents them from being locked into combat and wasting a turn of shooting. Merciless Logic: Unmodified hit rolls of a 6 generate an additional attack.

However, continuing the trend of these traits being incredibly useful on dreadnoughts, this trait will give you an average of three extra hits from a Leviathan shooting.

Until the end of the phase, that unit may re-roll one hit roll, one wound roll and one damage roll. Relics Iron Hands and their successors have access to two sets of relics. The first, Relics, are only available to Iron Hands normally, but successors can use the Bequeath by Iron Council stratagem to take a single one. The other set, Special-Issue Wargear, are available to successors freely and some can be given to squad Sergeants via the Scion of the Forge Stratagem. A nasty melee weapon against most targets short of a Knight, and you can punch up into those with Might of Heroes.

B Aegis Ferrum: Primaris only, increases Toughness by one and reduces all damage by one to a minimum of one. Stick this on a Gravis Captain for a really tough beatstick. Essentially, a power fist without a hit penalty. When taking any list with a single high-priority target, the Ironstone is a must-take. You may only gain one Command Point per battle round. Command Point regeneration is very useful for soup-less Marine armies, which often end up running starved for CP. Rolling one die per CP you spend makes this a fairly reliable way to get CP back, so using the Relics of the Chapter stratagem to take this is going to be worthwhile in most games.

When resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon against that model, subtract one from the wound roll. The to-wound penalty for ranged shooting can also be useful for added protection against snipers, but the invulnerable is the main draw of this relic. Three of them are quite useful, and the fourth is not bad, though none are something to build a list around.

A decent fall back to have. This wargear has a pretty broad set of uses between damage 4 thunder hammer Captains, Aggressor sergeants firing 12 2-damage shots per turn at range, or Suppressor sergeants having the ideal gun for killing Custodians at flat 3 damage. A Digital Weapons: Whenever the bearer fights they get to make an extra attack that causes a mortal wound if you hit.

Cute but not really worth the relic slot. C Auto-Medicae Bionics: If this model has lost any wounds, at the start of your turn it regains D3 lost wounds. If targeting a vehicle, strength changes to S:x2. This can be given to a character to whack a bunch of S:8 D2 hits into a vehicle, while not significantly sacrificing ability to clear chaff.

Losing a point of AP compared to a power fist is regrettable, but balanced out by not having a to-hit penalty and gaining an extra attack. Especially good with Might of Heroes as it gets you to S10 for fighting tanks. B Fortis-Pattern Data Spike: A neat little relic which lets you roll 2d3 and pick the highest for repairs. This works well when combined with the Adept of the Omnissiah warlord trait, giving you a Techmarine with improved repairs and reliability.

B- Stratagems This book gives the Iron Hands 16 unique stratagems, most of which focus around vehicles and shooting.

The stratagems fit the fluff of the Iron Hands very well — they lean into the same things your characters, warlord traits, and relics want to do, so synergize well with the rest of your army. Select one enemy unit. Until the end of the phase, every model in your Iron Hands unit that is able to must target that unit.

Useful to activate if you have a squad or weapon with a significant volume of shooting, but not great on something like a Repulsor that will likely be splitting fire. Incredibly useful to let you turn a dreadnought into a character, allowing you to screen. If you want to run something a bit off-meta you could also use this to boost up a punchy Contemptor or Redemptor into a melee threat.

As we discussed earlier, it also opens up giving a warlord trait to a Dreadnought via Hero of the Chapter, or if you give this to your warlord remember that a warlord does not need to be a character they can take one trait from being the warlord and a second from Paragon of Iron.

Limited to one use per game. Until the end of the phase, re-roll hit rolls. This one is great, it gives you an emergency Chapter Master for your best vehicle when you need one. Has always been one of the most powerful stratagems wherever it appears and Iron Hands in no way needed this on top of the rest of the nonsense they get.

Most likely to be used to mastercraft an Intercessor thunder hammer, but could also give a Sergeant the Teeth of Mars, which is both much cheaper and plausibly better.

Stack this with Transhuman Physiology to turn a unit of Intercessors into a real strong tar pit. Effectively, when this goes off it takes the AP of your heavy weapon to two better than native, which is almost always going to push you to hit someones invulnerable save.

The only real problem with this stratagem is that your AP is already going to be good, and most Space Marine armies have limited CP. A classic Iron Hands battle pile repels the Tau. Useful if your army has a strong melee unit, or if a large squad of Intercessors gets charged by an enemy unit.

A good boost to your melee output. A Machine Empathy — 1CP: Have a Techmarine repair a second time, though you cannot repair the same target multiple times. A great way, especially with Feirros, to deal with the aftermath of a vehicle explosion or other form of AOE damage, or any time multiple vehicles end up taking damage. Does what it says on the tin.

Gives you some fun options for your warlord, such as combining Will of Iron and All Flesh is Weak to get an extra-durable librarian that can double-deny.

As a gunline army, better overwatch means much more ability to stay out of melee. Credit: Warhammer Community. Running Pure Iron Hands An Iron Hands army is going to primarily devote itself to long range shooting with vehicles and dreadnoughts, and will spend most of their time in the Devastator Doctrine improving the heavy weapons of those vehicles. Many of the best synergies in the Iron Hands codex support the classic Space Marine battle pile, especially combining the abilities of Feirros and The Ironstone.

Your characters, while durable, are lynchpins of your list, and are vulnerable to being taken out. Wings Note:.


Iron Hands

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The martial history of the Xth Legion is a relatively well-documented one, about which a great deal still survives on record in the present era in marked contrast with some of the others. Alongside the other proto-Legions created by the Emperor of Mankind during the latter days of the Unification Wars on Ancient Terra in the late 30th Millennium, they were prepared and armed in preparation for the great work ahead, and their initial outfitting and organisation followed closely to the standard patterns set for the Legiones Astartes at the start of the Great Crusade. Their recruitment base is noted as being relatively widespread, with elements drawn from all over Ancient Terra, both from areas of the Qavitine Plate cities, and from former enemy blocs such as the Solus Stellax. Utilised as part of larger Legion taskforces in the closing stages of the battles on Ancient Terra itself, its first individual battle honours are recorded in the wider Sol System against the mutant "Scythers" of the deep-orbiting Mican Aggregation and in the extermination of the xenos Lyasx enclave hidden beneath the ice of Oberath. In both of these prior engagements, the Xth Legion had proved itself a remorseless and fiercely disciplined attacking force, fully capable of operating with remarkable coordination and tightly focused wrath to achieve tactical and strategic aims. On both occasions, the Legion had defeated a powerful foe with relatively few losses despite very heavy resistance and while operating in environmentally hazardous conditions.

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