Reply Abdul Malique Haji December 9, at pm It is wrong for you to ignore the Hempher Spy altogether since it would seem you are giving no credence to it. He meets a young person in Basra by the name of Abd al-Wahhab whom he corrupts and flatters which leads Abd al-Wahhab to express his own views on Islam and found his own sect. Hempher recounts how he set about corrupting Abd al-Wahhab. Hakikat Kitabevi of Istanbul have published the book. It is published on its website mentioned below.

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A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages. Waqf Ikhlas publications put out and circulated the document in English in hard copy and electronically under the title: Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam. No wonder the Wahhabis today stand as the backbone of terrorism allowing and financing and planning shedding the blood of Muslims and other innocent people.

Their well known history of terrorism as documented in Fitnatul Wahhabiyyah by the mufti of Makkah, Sheikh Ahmad Zayni Dahlan, and their current assassinations and contravention is due to their ill belief that all are blasphemers save themselves.

May Allah protect our nation from their evils. Memoirs Of Mr. The sun rises over its seas, and sets, again, below its seas. These countries are not entirely under our domination. However, we have been carrying on a very active and successful policy in these places. We shall be in full possession of all of them very soon. Two things are of importance: 1- To try to retain the places we have already obtained; 2- To try to take possession of those places we have not obtained yet.

The Ministry of Colonies assigned a commission from each of the colonies for the execution of these two tasks. As soon as I entered the Ministry of Colonies, the Minister put his trust in me and appointed me the administrator of the company of East India.

Outwardly it was a company of trade. But its real task was to search for ways of taking control of the very vast lands of India. Our government was not at all nervous about India. India was a country where people from various nationalities, speaking different languages, and having contrasting interests lived together.

Nor were we afraid of China. For the religions dominant in China were Buddhism and Confucianism, neither of which was much of a threat. Both of them were dead religions that instituted no concern for life and which were no more than forms of addresses.

For this reason, the people living in these two countries were hardly likely to have any feelings of patriotism. These two countries did not worry us, the British government. Yet the events that might occur later were not out of consideration for us. Therefore, we were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance, poverty, and even diseases in these countries.

We were imitating the customs and traditions of these two countries, thus easily concealing our intentions. What frazzled our nerves most was the Islamic countries.

We had already made some agreements, all of which were to our advantage, with the Sick Man the Ottoman Empire. Experienced members of the Ministry of Colonies predicted that this sick man would pass away in less than a century.

In addition, we had made some secret agreements with the Iranian government and placed in these two countries statesmen whom we had made masons. Such corruptions as bribery, incompetent administration and inadequate religious education, which in its turn led to busying with pretty women and consequently to neglect of duty, broke the backbones of these two countries. In spite of all these, we were anxious that our activities should not yield the results we expected, for reasons I am going to cite below: 1- Muslims are extremely devoted to Islam.

Every individual Muslims is as strongly attached to Islam as a priest or monk to Christianity, if not more. As it is known, priests and monks would rather die than give up Christianity. The most dangerous of such people are the Shiites in Iran. For they put down people who are not Shiites as disbelievers and foul people.

Christians are like noxious dirt according to Shiites. I once asked a Shiite this: Why do you look on Christians as such? The answer I was given was this: "The Prophet of Islam was a very wise person. As a matter of fact, it is a State policy to keep a person found dangerous under a spiritual oppression until he pledges obedience. The dirt I am speaking about is not material; it is a spiritual oppression which is not peculiar to Christians alone. It involves Sunnites and all disbelievers.

Even our ancient Magian Iranian ancestors are foul according to Shiites. Sunnites and Christians believe in Allah, in Prophets, and in the Judgment Day, too; why should they be foul, then? Because he was accursed, he was crucified. It is written so in the Holy Bible. For the man was right in the first respect, if not in the second respect. I did not want to continue the dispute any longer. Otherwise they might be suspicious of me in an Islamic attire as I was. I therefore avoided such disputes.

And Muslims were respected. It would be difficult to tell these respectable people that they are slaves now. Nor would it be possible to falsify the Islamic history and say to Muslims: The honor and respect you obtained at one time was the result of some favorable conditions. Those days are gone now, and they will never come back. Despite the fact that these two States had already been debilitated considerably, we still did not feel certain because they had a central government with property, weaponry, and authority.

For the scholars of Istanbul and Al-adh-har, the Iraqi and Damascene scholars were insurmountable obstacles in front of our purposes. The people followed them. Even the Sultan was afraid of them. Sunnites were not so strongly adherent to scholars as were Shiites. For Shiites did not read books; they only recognized scholars, and did not show due respect to the Sultan. Sunnites, on the other hand, read books, and respected scholars and the Sultan.

We therefore prepared a series of conferences. Yet each time we tried we saw with disappointment that the road was closed for us. The reports we received from our spies were always frustrating, and the conferences came to naught. We did not give up hope, though. For we are the sort of people who have developed the habit of taking a deep breath and being patient.

The Minister himself, the highest priestly orders, and a few specialists attended one of our conferences. There were twenty of us. Our conference lasted three hours, and the final session was closed without reaching a fruitful conclusion. Yet a priest said, "Do not worry! For the Messiah and his companions obtained authority only after a persecution that lasted three hundred years.

It is hoped that, from the world of the unknown, he will cast an eye on us and grant us the good luck of evicting the unbelievers, he means Muslims , from their centers, be it three hundred years later.

With a strong belief and long-term patience, we must arm ourselves! In order to obtain authority, we must take possession of all sorts of media, try all possible methods. We must try to spread Christianity among Muslims. It will be good for us to realize our goal, even if it will be after centuries. For fathers work for their children. I was very lucky. I, too, attended because I and the Minister were in very good terms. In the conference, plans of breaking Muslims into groups and making them abandon their faith and bringing them round to belief Christianizing them like in Spain was discussed.

Yet the conclusions reached were not as had been expected. I have written all the talks held in that conference in my book "Ilaa Melekoot-il-Meseeh. But we must make hardships easy and overcome them.

Christianity came to spread. Our Lord the Messiah promised us this. The bad conditions that the east and the west were in, helped Muhammad. Those conditions being gone, have taken away the nuisances he means Islam that accompanied them. We observe with pleasure today that the situation has changed completely.

As a result of great works and endeavors of our ministry and other Christian governments Muslims are on the decline now. Christians, on the other hand, are gaining ascendancy.

It is time we retook the places we lost throughout centuries. The powerful State of Great Britain pioneers this blessed task [of annihilating Islam].

The Ministry appointed nine more people, full of agility and courage, for the same mission and at the same time. In addition to the money, information and maps we would need, we were given a list containing names of statesmen, scholars, and chiefs of tribes.

I can never forget! When I said farewell to the secretary, he said, "The future of our State is dependent on your success. Therefore you should exert your utmost energy. Besides my primary duty, I was to learn very well Turkish, the native language of the Muslims being there. Yet learning a language was quite different from speaking that language like its native speakers. While the former skill can be acquired in a matter of a few years, the latter requires a duration of time several times as long as this.


Confessions of a British Spy

Start your review of Confessions of a British Spy Write a review Jun 18, Ashish rated it it was amazing Excellent insight into the roots of militant Islam and the treachery of the West Feb 14, Norashikin Sahol rated it it was amazing If you want to understand why some Western governments and certain groups and individuals continuously condemn Muslims, whether consciously or unconsciously label Muslims as fanatics, extremists and terrorist, and the apparent hostility against Islam, this is the book to read. This book explains the formation of the British empire with the advent of the British East India Company in after the Portuguese, Dutch and French. And it will elaborate on how the caliphate system was destroyed from If you want to understand why some Western governments and certain groups and individuals continuously condemn Muslims, whether consciously or unconsciously label Muslims as fanatics, extremists and terrorist, and the apparent hostility against Islam, this is the book to read. And it will elaborate on how the caliphate system was destroyed from within.



Goltishura See all 4 reviews. The agent in Egypt abandoned his mission after actually converting to Islam, whereas another agent died while on duty. According to Hempher, he is one of 5, British agents with the assignment of weakening Muslims, which the British government plans to increase toby the end of the 18th century. Mohammed Rahman added it Mar 12, Excellent insight into the roots of militant Islam and the treachery of the Contessions. Hempher is a British missioner who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hidjaz and in Istanbul, the center of the Islamic caliphate, misleading Muslims and serving Christianity, by means of the Ministry of British Commonwealth of Nations. Hempher was stunned when he found out that the fake scholar was actually confeesions spy, as he himself was so convinced that he was actually speaking with a Shiite scholar. Memoirs of Mr.

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