Solvers who submit correct solutions by the posted deadline for the problems are acknowledged in each issue. Please ensure that you select the proper submission type in your online form e. Proposing New Problems Online: Problem proposals can be submitted using the same online submission form. To check the current status of your proposal, please check the status page using the tracking number given in your confirmation email.

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Last updated March 22, Crux Mathematicorum is a scientific journal of mathematics published by the Canadian Mathematical Society. It contains mathematical problems for secondary school and undergraduate students. In academic publishing, a scientific journal is a periodical publication intended to further the progress of science, usually by reporting new research. Mathematics includes the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change. The Canadian Mathematical Society CMS is an association of professional mathematicians dedicated to the interests of mathematical research, outreach, and scholarship and education in Canada.

It serves the national community through the publication of academic journals, community bulletins, and the administration of mathematical competitions. It took the name Crux Mathematicorum with its fourth volume, in , to avoid confusion with another journal Eureka published by the Cambridge University Mathematical Society.

The Canadian Mathematical Society took over the journal in , and soon afterwards G. Bill Sands became its new editor. Bruce L. Shawyer took over as editor in In it merged with another journal founded in , Mathematical Mayhem, to become Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem.

The highest ranking editor of a publication may also be titled editor, managing editor, or executive editor, but where these titles are held while someone else is editor-in-chief, the editor-in-chief outranks the others. It includes many mathematical articles on a variety different topics — written by students and mathematicians from all over the world — as well as a short summary of the activities of the society, problem sets, puzzles, artwork and book reviews.

Ross Honsberger writes that "for interesting elementary problems, this publication is in a class by itself". Sangaku or San Gaku are Japanese geometrical problems or theorems on wooden tablets which were placed as offerings at Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples during the Edo period by members of all social classes. The International Mathematical Olympiad IMO is an annual six-problem mathematical olympiad for pre-college students, and is the oldest of the International Science Olympiads.

The first IMO was held in Romania in It has since been held annually, except in He made fundamental contributions to combinatorics, number theory, numerical analysis and probability theory. He is also noted for his work in heuristics and mathematics education. He has been described as one of The Martians. In geometry, an equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are equal. It is also a regular polygon, so it is also referred to as a regular triangle. Metamathematics is the study of mathematics itself using mathematical methods.

This study produces metatheories, which are mathematical theories about other mathematical theories. Metamathematics provides "a rigorous mathematical technique for investigating a great variety of foundation problems for mathematics and logic". An important feature of metamathematics is its emphasis on differentiating between reasoning from inside a system and from outside a system.

In Euclidean geometry, a cyclic quadrilateral or inscribed quadrilateral is a quadrilateral whose vertices all lie on a single circle. This circle is called the circumcircle or circumscribed circle, and the vertices are said to be concyclic. The center of the circle and its radius are called the circumcenter and the circumradius respectively.

Other names for these quadrilaterals are concyclic quadrilateral and chordal quadrilateral, the latter since the sides of the quadrilateral are chords of the circumcircle. Usually the quadrilateral is assumed to be convex, but there are also crossed cyclic quadrilaterals.

The formulas and properties given below are valid in the convex case. Since its debut in , it has served as the final round of the AMC series of contests. It was founded in The C. In order to promote its aims, C. CMS organize a series of mathematics competitions as part of the selection process of the national teams in the international mathematics competitions and the Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad. The new selection process in described below. Dan Pedoe was an English-born mathematician and geometer with a career spanning more than sixty years.

In the course of his life he wrote approximately fifty research and expository papers in geometry. He is also the author of various core books on mathematics and geometry some of which have remained in print for decades and been translated into several languages.

In mathematics, convex geometry is the branch of geometry studying convex sets, mainly in Euclidean space. Convex sets occur naturally in many areas: computational geometry, convex analysis, discrete geometry, functional analysis, geometry of numbers, integral geometry, linear programming, probability theory, game theory, etc.

Ravi D. Vakil is a Canadian-American mathematician working in algebraic geometry. Murray Seymour Klamkin was an American mathematician, known as prolific proposer and editor of professionally challenging mathematical problems. Victor L. Klee, Jr. He spent almost his entire career at the University of Washington in Seattle. Mladen Bestvina is a Croatian-American mathematician working in the area of geometric group theory. Kurt Schiffler was a German engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and amateur geometer.

References Fisher, J.



Sakree Haskell, CollegeAlgonquin; et par le proposeur. To facilitate their consideration,your solutions, typewritten or neatly handwritten on signed, separate sheets, shouldbe mailed to the editor no later than April 25, Kaye, Department of National Defence; and R. Dworschakf Algonquin College; R. But it does not hold, as I claimed, for every right triangle in whichan acute angle 9 has a rational tangent. It is a far finer gambit than any chessgambit: Y croire comme aux mathematiques.


Crux Mathematicorum

With this issue Shawn takes the reins, and though some of you know Shawn as a former Mayhem Editor let me provide some further background. Shawn grew up outside the small town of Massey in Northern On- tario. He obtained his B. Math from the University of Waterloo in


Crux Mathematicorum 37


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