Named Characters[ edit ] Note: Under the current edition, named characters tend to be overpriced; you can pretty easily emulate most named characters from scratch and save yourself some points. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you need to have them, go ahead. He loses his magic resistance after use, meaning that last wound is slightly more vulnerable. Something of note is that he can join a unit of Silver Helms or Dragon Princes which really ruins someones day in larger games remember that now with Silver Helms being core, your anvil can suddenly drop onto the heads of the enemy rather than just hold them in place in an all cavalry list.

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Malekith costs points vanilla which is obviously meant to JUST keeping him out of games under What a tease! And he still has Hatred and comes with Immune to Psychology. He costs a bucket-load but can easily turn entire games around. The combination of killer stats, great special rules and magic items and being a powerful caster in his own right make him more than worth his rather expensive entry cost in a casual game. Do note that against magical weapons he has no Ward save.

At all. He is very good in Storm of Magic though, thanks to how much people spam magic and how well he shuts all that down. Morathi, the Hag Sorceress: Morathi is a little schizo about her role. Her Enchanting Beauty rule is decent. In all fairness, Dark Magic is a good damage lore. Crone Hellebron: Hellebron is a fundamentally ideal combat Lord or rather Lady.

Any hit against her rolling a 1 causes an Strength 4 hit on her attacker. She can also take a Cauldron of Blood. Put her in a unit of Witch Elves, Sisters of Slaughter or with a unit of Black Guard with a Cauldron of Blood within 6" which gives the aforementioned ability to re-roll all failed To Wound rolls and send them charging into the enemy. Malekith just pooped a little. If you take her keep her in a unit: she is the prime example of a glass cannon.

He costs nearly points and is a Lord choice now, so gained the appropriate stat boosts. Has a couple nifty abilities. Spite is still the best Cold One mount in Warhammer Fantasy with no stupidity for him or his unit and gets Eternal Hatred. Should be seriously considered for any Cold One heavy army. Shadowblade: Almost double what a properly kitted out Assassin would cost. Took a hit since he can no longer hide among the enemy.

Even if you get him to reveal himself when he needs to, where he needs to, if he gets killed he could just as easily damage your own unit, which keeps him from being set up like a regular Assassin. Tullaris Dreadbringer: Now a Hero. His sword also triggers killing blows on a 5 or 6.

Kouran Blackhand: Like Tullaris he is now a Hero. Just shy of points for a Master statline, but with WS9! Lokhir Fellheart: An effective enough combat Hero, if a bit on the pricey side. Also with his new rules he can attack any character in the same combat without moving to them. So can more easily hide from the nastier Lords while still attacking them. A Master is probably better though he can do incredibly with a big corsair unit and Shadow Magic buffs but for his cost you could just get more Masters who will do the same job better, or get a Dreadlord who can do the same job but also better.

Generic Characters[ edit ] While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. It costs less than 15 points to give them Heavy Armor and Sea Dragon Cloak which instantly gives them a leg up on 99 percent of most enemy Heroes and Lords. Dreadlord: Your workaday combat Lord.

There are many equipment options that will be covered in the equipment section. Bear in mind he can take all the repeater weapons, so if you plan on sticking him in some block of Bleakswords or Executioners, pick up a crossbow, because he can move and fire both shots and still be hitting on 2s, so you can earn your points back quite easily you need to kill 1 average infantryman with it to earn back your points, which you can do easily.

Chillblade is fantastic against Ogres by the way. For cavalry, lance, and throw him in a unit of Cold One Knights. Supreme Sorceress: Supreme Sorceresses and Sorceresses for that matter excel at one thing: blasting the almighty crap out of everything. The Dark Elves signature Lore consists of almost nothing but ways to blast the shit out of people.

Bringing a Level 4 Supreme Sorceress will almost always pay off. In closing, a very versatile offensive caster and just as good a choice for General as the Dreadlord, though with different uses. High Beastmaster: Comes in at over double a Dreadlord in points.

May take the usual points of magic items but has no standard options. Needless to say a kick to the crotch from this guy is to be avoided at all costs.

Whenever he is in a Challenge and alive or kills an enemy Character at all he makes his unit Unbreakable for the turn. Take a Dreadlord for less points and get more use out of him. More for fluff and fun games and seems really out of place as a Lord choice especially when you consider that his rough High Elf equivalent, the Sea Helm, is a cheap Hero.

Sorceress: Sorceresses are cheap and effective. Not as powerful as a Supreme but well worth taking. Remember, they can now use all eight Battle Lores. Master: Masters are among the best cost for ability Heroes in the game. Not batting here. Gifts of Khaine are more expensive for them but they can take a single Magic Weapon up to 50 points. The kit can also make a Bloodwrack Shrine and gives you Hellebron. Assassin: When kitted out right, Assassins can end the life of any Hero and some Lords.

It can put the whammy on anyone dumb enough to get into close combat with it. Very good in either your ranked units to help them hold up when a powerful unit tries to use them or in your flank units to up your kill count when you charge. An example of a good Assassin is additional hand weapon and Potion of Strength. Other combinations will be discussed later. When you can spare the points, always take one. Mounts[ edit ] Dark Steed: The cheapest option. M9 and Fast Cavalry will put him out away from the rest of the army, except for Dark Riders and Doomfire Warlocks, but why would you want a character to join them?

If you want a mounted Hero without shelling out for a big expensive mount, this is where to go. The in-between option and a damned good one at that. If you want people to cry cheese, try mounting your Master on one of these. A powerful mount, perhaps a tiny bit overpriced, but worthwhile.

Keep it out of sight of cannons. Core Units[ edit ] Dreadspears: Basic Spearmen Spears, shields, light Armor. Probably going to be one of your mainstay units if you focus on offense and best in units of Bleakswords: Same stats as Spearmen, but swords and shields instead of spears and shields.

Better in smaller units, and not as generally useful as Dreadspears, but still a pretty solid unit. Very good tarpit with Flesh to Stone or Glittering Robe, as it mitigates their shitty toughness and armour respectively.

Darkshards: The other mainstay core unit, and again they kick ass. You should always give them shields, as they will be absorbing a lot of S3 and S4 return fire. This means you can wound T3 infantry on 3s and Ogres, Saurus etc on 4s. Also, flaming attacks.

This doubles the amount of wounds they inflict on flammable units e. Treekin and negates regeneration saves e. Trolls , so if you see Chaos or Greenskins or Wood Elves, this is worth considering, as with the armour piercing and the wounding on 4s with FSoR you can shred through whole units of them.

The benefit is you can stock up on these lethal ladies and still have points free to allocate to Special choices. They have an absurdly high volume of attacks 30 Poisoned Attacks for 2 ranks of 10, remember supporting attackers only get 1 attack, think about this when using Corsairs, Black Guard, Sisters, etc , high Initiative, ASF and are cheap. Use them by all means, but be careful. These are also counterparts to the Corsairs, the Corsairs not hitting quite as hard but being the most durable of all the Dark Elf Core infantry.

Dark Riders: Actually they are incredible now. You can easily get away with taking nothing but these guys for your Core choice as they can outmaneuver damn near everything.

Special Units[ edit ] Shades: Lots of players have mixed opinions about Shades. While they might seem expensive they are really mobile with decent stats and Scout rules they can even march and shoot.

In low point games they will pretty much win your battles for you. Shades should be used as warmachine and lone wizard hunters. They can also be used to harass enemy flanks, but sending them into combat is a dicey proposition since the enemy can split their attacks, but it can help turn important combats around. Harpies: Harpies got a serious kick in the cooch in this version. Their only real use is if you need maneuverable chaff, otherwise skip them.

Executioners: Chaos Warriors getting you down? Bretonnians resisting all your attempts to move them? Need someone with high Strength to knock out a Monster? Then take Executioners.

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Warhammer Army Book

Malekith costs points vanilla which is obviously meant to JUST keeping him out of games under What a tease! And he still has Hatred and comes with Immune to Psychology. He costs a bucket-load but can easily turn entire games around. The combination of killer stats, great special rules and magic items and being a powerful caster in his own right make him more than worth his rather expensive entry cost in a casual game. Do note that against magical weapons he has no Ward save. At all.


8th Edition Army books.

An Army Book in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing information concerning a particular army, environment, or worldwide campaign. Army Books for particular armies were introduced for the fourth edition of the game prior to that all armies were included in the main rulebook. The sixth edition rendered these obsolete. Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer. Games Workshop has also released various expansions over the years, including a siege rules supplement and campaign expansions. Expansions and Supplements may or may not be valid over multiple editions, though generally they cycle similarly to the Army Books.


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