Zaab a gorilla man from No Fear is in hot pursuit of Dee human. It was based the same world but had nothing to do with the charactors we have all started to love. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. The one tracking our heroine obsessively and cursing every day Dee slips away, is General Zaab.

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Shelves: perv-hentai-guilty-pleasure , scifi-hot-fun , fun-interesting , fantasy-erotica-adult-wow-weird , suprisingly-tasty , short-reads , good-erotica , bdsm , quicky , mars-needs-women Planet of the apes gone erotica! Let me just start by saying this was a fun read! Yet in no way could it be taken seriously. Hilarious and a little rough in structure and story telling.

The writing is terrible too, but its a kind of funny terrible. You know when you see a really bad movie, that turns out be great and sort of grows on you because of how crazy and ridiculous it was?

Well this is exactly the case! I just went with it and laughed all the way. So I did enjoy the madness! Planet of the apes gone erotica! Lets go into detail, shall we? Dee has no recollection of how she ended up in planet Dementia, but since she got there, she tries her best to avoid being caught like the rest of the human women. The dementians are ape humanoids The one tracking our heroine obsessively and cursing every day Dee slips away, is General Zaab.

He might look like this in my head But he actually kind of looks like this. The 3d cover is close but looks weird. And he might just get lucky. I was truly curious about the premise. I also liked the fact that it was an erotic planet of the apes thing. Another thing I liked, is that this time the guy is the ape humanoid and the girl is human.

So I was pleased with change of view Very brave and kind of badass. Not romantic, but redeemed her. It made him funny not sexy. For some it could be disturbing, but to me it was just unappealing. In a very pervy extreme japanese way Not my thing really view spoiler [Zaab hunts her down.

Dee runs and gets caught by a tentacle plant. It sucks her nether region and arouses her until she could eventually die. Zaab observes her torture and convinces her to submit to him and relieve her need. Thus ends up saving her life and enslaving her. And at no point do they explain why or how? No plot. Funny and absurd, which is good and bad thing.

So to summarize, it was just a bad short story that turned out to be awful and funny. I almost wished it was better written, because it had potential to be good. I bid you farewell! May next reads be fab.



Lists with This Book. But what happens when the Jiad falls in love with his slave? Popular covers see all 4 covers. Jan 29, Karen Scott rated it did not like it Shelves: Funny, imaginative, hot and very silly. This is a complete different set of characters.



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