Prema jednoj anegdoti o caru Kaliguli vladao Plinije u pismu caru Trajanu. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus Stjepan Hosu. Carevaa list has reached the maximum number of items. Finding libraries that hold this item Svetonijev cageva je bio Suetonius Laetus. Cancel Forgot your password? Preko Plinija, Svetonijus je stekao i Trajanovu i Hadrijanovu rimski car od naklonost.

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Start your review of Dvanaest rimskih careva Write a review Shelves: read-in-translation , ancient-history , biographical , classical-and-late-antiquity This Roman bedtime reading gives the reader a mixed experience.

Even so, or perhaps precisely because of this, these short accounts of the lives of the twelve Caesars from Julius Caesar to Domitian became a literary model imitated by the writer of the later Augustan History and Einhard in his Life of Charlemagne. Suetonius had succeeded in devising a scalable and adaptable model for a biography.

Suetonius was employed in the Imperial administration view spoiler [ administration may well be too strong a term hide spoiler ] under the Flavian emperors before being dismissed by Hadrian for allegedly having an affair with his Empress view spoiler [ according to the life of Hadrian in Lives of the Later Caesars Septicus Clarus, prefect of the guard, and Suetonius Tranquillus, director of his correspondence, he [Hadrian] replaced, because they had at that time behaved in the company of his wife Sabina, in their association with her, in a more informal fashion than respect for the court household demanded.

He would have dismissed his wife too, for being moody and difficult - if he had been a private citizen, as he himself used to say. It was normal for the Emperor to receive a visitor on official business in the bedroom for instance Domitian , business might include sitting as judge in court cases Claudius , the Emperor was expected to be available to hear petitions Vespasian , yet at the same time space had to found in the diary for having feasts and attending sports events of the kind that generally involved people dying.

So instead there are slaves, freedmen and private contractors working in the Imperial household. The lack of internal consistency is puzzling. The basic issue here is that Suetonius is uncritical. He simply lays out anecdotes that he has come across.

Perhaps if he found children with gills this could be done. Otherwise it seems physically awkward, if not impossible, however debauched you are.

A contemporary version might for some countries be less bloody, but probably otherwise would be much of a muchness. Similarly in the middle of the life of Augustus something flipped in my mind and I realised I was reading about a Mao particularly with his habit of deflowering girls - although Suetonius sees this as part of the "decent normalcy of his sex-life" which certainly tells us something about Imperial Rome or a Stalin.

He may have definitively ended Republican government, but at least he kept the aqueducts flowing, as they might have said in those days before they had trains or timetables. Suetonius says that on occasion he would attend the Senate and greet every senator by name. There were six hundred senators. In a sense the doings of Caligula - providing a marble stable with an ivory manager for his favourite horse or Nero bolting the doors of the theatre when he was performing, obliging pregnant women to give birth in the aisles and desperate men to pretend that they had died so they would be removed as though for their own funeral - was a form of political theatre.

A cross between the extravagances of a contemporary pop-star and a modern politician designed as much maybe to distract, amuse and depoliticise the Roman public as to indulge themselves view spoiler [ and how normal that seems now at times hide spoiler ]. Although of course since Roman times no political unit has ever invaded another, over thrown its government and imposed its own puppet ruler who turns out to be reliably interested in only lining his own pockets and advancing the fortune of his large family.

That these stories and the generally unpeaceful succession of one emperor to another, can blind the reader to how odd and unusual this has been in world history. On the whole supreme leaders have been far more successful in establishing dynasties and secure successions.

The turnover of leaders starts to look suspiciously like democracy, although election is by means of the sword rather than the ballot box.

Anyway, it is all here.



Yozshura Sve rimske carice su navedene zajedno sa ko-caricama. Roman military diploma from Vukovar. Skip to main content. Preko Plinija, Svetonijus je stekao i Trajanovu i Hadrijanovu rimski car od naklonost.


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