El lhc y la frontera de la fisica: el camino a la teoria del todo es un gran libro escrito por el autor Alberto Casas GonzaLez. Realiza un sugerente recorrido por la historia de las ideas mas importantes en las que se basa nuestra comprension actual de la naturaleza y expone las preguntas aun sin respuesta, hasta llegar a la frontera actual de la fisica y lo que puede haber mas alla de la misma. Que es y para que sirve el LHC? Entrana algun peligro para el planeta?? Con mano firme, y excelente prosa, el autor les conduce, a traves de una exposicion magistral, por los logros de la fisica moderna: la teoria de la relatividad, la mecanica cuantica, la fisica de particulas, la cosmologia moderna.

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However, it has been long hindered by a number of systematic uncertainties, most remarkably those related to the impossibility of considering realistically light quark masses in numerical simulations. Likewise, the IFT makes an immense effort to transfer knowledge to society through diverse outreach programs. The School on Cosmology Tools has the aim to bring researchers closer to the state-of-the-art tools currently used in Cosmology.

Bulk Renormalization of Codimension-2 Branes M. These disciplines and others more specialized are the at the basis of the research lines led by the participant lecturers and researchers, and which are the fundamental inspiration of this program.

Computing and Information Technology This service is responsible of the management of the information technology resources of the institute. This workshop presented these numerical simulations, allowing for a study of their implications, without recalibration, for the luc mass function, specific star formation rates, stellar-to-halo mass ratios, and the abundance of orphan galaxies.

Its mission is to propose to the Board guidelines and measures necessary for the development of the scientific activity of IFT. In any case, LHC data will continue to improve the determination of Higgs properties, which could also show possible deviations from SM predictions. A su vez, estas reuniones son un importante escaparate de nuestro Instituto y sus actividades.

The completion of each one has its own official diploma: Consequently 18 PhD thesis have completed in the period Knowledge transfer to society is achieved via a vigorous outreach program.

Ruiz de Elvira, J. This has been made possible thanks to the excellent work done by our Outreach Committee and the massive participation of our members, with a special mention merited by our predoctoral researchers. Marchesano, Diego Regalado, Gianluca Zoccarato. What is dark matter? Both aspects are related to the origin of mass, and in both we expect to have new and crucial experimental information along the next years. C73 Large-distance properties of holographic baryons P.

Gran colisionador de hadrones This field is going to continue to be most relevant since we ex- Ve Gravity and Cosmology M. Moreover, the technological components in which Spain is involved represent a great challenge, which gives us great visibility in the Project and ensures technological transfer with Spanish companies.

Board, Director Deputy Director, Manager. A tremendous step ahead in our understanding of the origin of the mass of all elementary particles has been recently given by the LHC at CERN with the discovery of a bosonic particle with a GeV mass. We have also excellent relations and a record of collaborations with important scientific Spanish journalists, and with the departments of Scientific Culture and Outreach of CSIC, UAM and Community of Madrid; which channel out much of the communication of our research outcomes.

BarcelonaDavid G. It is therefore relevant and timely to continue the development of explicit string theory models of particle physics, and to improve the techniques to compute their properties, at qualitative and quantitative level, around this range of energies. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. They resided on a farm in Hanover Township, where they attended St.

Through these, many young and senior people, students, workers, teachers and professional have found a way to acquire a glimpse of the research results in theoretical physics. El lado oscuro del Universo, charla de David G.

Gran colisionador de hadrones — Wikipedia The IFT has a long record of successful applications for supercomputing time at Spanish supercomputers, like the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Antofagasta Is still M-theory a candidate for unification? The Blue Room is used for larger workshops and conferences, whereas the IFT uses the Grey Rooms for the lectures in the Master program in theoretical physics and for scientific discussions. As an interesting example, let us mention the international Masterclasses in Particle Physics, aimed at science-oriented high-school students and meant as a crash-course introduction to research activities in the field.

Diverse problems such as the generation of baryon number, large scale magnetic fields, or the very origin of masses in the Standard Model, are presumably all related to the dynamics of the electroweak transition.

Indicamos separadamente los proyectos concedidos en el y en el Competitive Funding The tables show the different grants and lla funding the research activities at the IFT. These grants are awarded in competitive concurrence involving external reviews. Among others, this area includes: C74 Double-logarithms in Einstein-Hilbert gravity and supergravity J.

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