Zulusar Condividi i tuoi pensieri con kleyoas clienti. Sensible and stalwart, she has been holding the pieces of her family together by strength of will alone. Book Depository Libri con spedizione gratuita in tutto il mondo. I have never considered myself a Historical Romance fan and yet, I have become a Hathaway addict! When she meets Cam Rohan, he sweeps her off of her feet.

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Well I had my doubts, but if the first book, the wonderful Mine Till Midnight, is any indication of how this series will play out, my answer is a resounding Yes! This book just flew by for me--I never once wanted to put it down! The nearly poor Hathaways have recently lost their parents, and Amelia has sold the family home in London. Leo Hathaway has just inherited the family viscountcy, complete with crumbling estate in Hampshire, and he is now Lord Ramsay.

But Amelia who herself is recovering from a broken heart brought on by a betraying fiancee feels that the family needs a fresh start away from the sad memories of London, so off to Hampshire they go. Cam is part Irish, part Romany, but had lived the first 10 years of his life with his gypsy family. But then a relative dumped him in London as a year old, and eventually the late Ivo Jenner employed him at his club and treated him as a son.

Cam has a knack for making money, and has more than he can ever spend. But Cam is restless and is thinking about returning to his gypsy roots. But then he meets Amelia Hathaway, and she throws a curveball into all his plans, and what he thinks he wants for his future. Let me say I adored the character of Cam Rohan!

What a sexy, sweet man! I loved how he got Amelia to loosen up and think about her own happiness for a change, and how he got her to accept him as a shoulder to lean on. This girl took on way too much responsibility within her own family. As long as Amelia would accept him, that was all that mattered to him. Loved the dialogue he and Amelia had--and some of the things Cam said to her, were sweetly poetic and down right erotic!

Footnotes included" and "I want you. I want to lie with you beneath constellations and clouds and shade trees. You inside me My God this guy was everthing she could hope for! Who cares if she never wanted to get married! They matched up intellectually, physically red-hot sexual chemistry , the man was kind, sincere, rich, drop-dead-gorgeous, and responsible.

So what was holding her back? She though that Cam, with his gypsy heritage and what he had told her of his plans this was before he realized he loved her , would not be content in a traditional marriage. She feared he would get restless and eventually leave her. I guess that was to be expected, but boy I wanted to shake her sometimes! I was sad for Cam and I thought he deserved better.

The rest of the book set up the future stories in this series quite well. I had a hard time believing she was her antics and the way her family treated her made it seem like she was way younger.

Vincent and Evie came to visit too. I love how LK incorporated her Wallflowers characters into this Hathaway series! It makes the transition that much smoother.


Fino a mezzanotte


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“Fino a mezzanotte” di Lisa Kleypas – Passione 64


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