Internally the text dates itself to the year The story involves Abraham of Worms passing his magical and Kabbalistic secrets on to his son and tells how he acquired his knowledge. Abraham recounts how he found Abramelin the Mage living in the desert outside an Egyptian town, Arachi or Araki, which borders the Nile. He was an Egyptian mage and taught a powerful form of Kabbalistic magic to Abraham. He was a "venerable aged man", and very courteous and kind. He discussed nothing but "the Fear of God ", the importance of leading a well-regulated life, and the evils of the "acquisition of riches and goods".

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Compiled and edited by Georg Dehn. Translated by Steven Guth. Foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette. Lake Worth: Ibis Press, It also takes the reader on a quest that extends to modern Turkey, Israel, and Palestine. Helpful visual referents are scattered throughout the text, including historical illustrations of several of the characters that Abraham von Worms assists in his narrative e.

Period maps are also provided, as well as numerous scans of actual manuscript folios and even some original images of the magic squares. Although Dehn convincingly argues that the frame story contains historical elements, there is still no conclusive evidence to prove whether or not Abraham von Worms actually existed, as it seems for instance equally plausible that he could have been a narrative mouthpiece for a magical community such as the 17th-century Rosicrucian authors of the Fama Fraternitas, with knowledge both of 15th-century political leaders in Europe and of Jewish Kabbalah.

He also consulted two other German manuscripts in the Dresden library, as well as a later manuscript composed in Hebrew MS. This later manuscript had also been examined by Gershom Scholem, who believed it to be a translation from German, and Dehn had the manuscript re-translated into German by Rabbi Salomon Siegl to help him prepare this edition. Dehn also consulted the rare irst published version of this work, released under the pseudonym Peter Hammer in Cologne in and known to the members of Fraternitas Saturni, a German offshoot of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

By contrast, the occultist S. It is not said how the Hebrew translation of the German original rendered the word for God. For example, the A Watkins, Robert Ambelain Paris: Niclaus, Modern magicians stand in a long tradition of innovation with regards to older ritual manuals — this was happening in the Middle Ages also.

All in all, much credit should be given to Dehn and Guth for a well-executed series of new editions on the Abramelin text that can potentially open up the world of Abraham von Worms to a wider audience of scholars and practitioners of esoteric traditions. Daniel Gunther for the present way in which this initiatory framework, including the invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, is applied in practice.

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