What is a grasscutter? A grasscutter is a rodent of the rat family that can be found in the wild mostly in West Africa. They used to be hunted but it can now be reared domestically. Why should you start a grasscutter farm? It is highly profitable People in both rural and urban areas like grasscutter meat. The demand is on the rise.

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Basic Equipment in Grasscutter Rearing Reproduction in Grasscutter Mating Management in Grasscutters Detection of Pregnancy in Grasscutters Selection of Breeding stock in Grasscutter farming Differentiation of Male from Female Cost Benefit Analysis of Grasscutter Production Only very few Nigerians for now have penetrated the lucrative market and reaping cool big profit without stress.

The KNOW-HOW of commercial Grasscutter farming secrets had been covered up and seriously guided for sometime but now we the present Nigerian revolutionary wealth builders have decided to uncover the secrets and release them without reservation to fellow aspiring Nigerians who so desire and keen in generating the wealth building secrets.

To contribute our quota to eradicate poverty in Nigeria through Grasscutter farming 2. To empower ourselves to be the best destined for us by our creator-Almighty God. To share what we know, practice and have worked successfully for us; so as to be blessed with more from the Almighty. To eliminate idleness and hopelessness in our country. To show people how to prosper through Grasscutter farming despite the economy.

To motivate the less privileged ones to be self-dependent. To let people know that our country is greatly blessed with resources yet unexplored. To direct employees on how to augment their income without affecting their present job.

To create awareness of such a lucrative technology. To reveal the economic importance, nutritional and medicinal value of grassrcutter. To reduce financial crises and crime in our society. In this mission i. Why only few? That is the power of destiny working. The mystery is only known to our creator-Almighty God. Our organization has spent huge money, time and effort to acquire valuable information through attending seminars, conferences, surfing the Internet and researches on how to set up commercial Grasscutter farming successfully.

The manual is a complete feasibility study on Grasscutter Farming in its own right. You must therefore, hurry up, before the price changes, as it is sure to do. Nothing is as permanent as change. What more the business can even be operated on part-time basis to add and boost your existing income. Your Office Postal Address ii. Telephone Number iii. Date of receiving our report iv. Date of making payment and the amount paid.

But before then, you have to notify us within a week of receiving the package, which shall be at most 3 weeks after dispatching your package. Again, you have to ensure that the package get to us not later than two weeks after e-mail. Feasibility Study on Grasscutter Farming. Links to sources of fund to start Agricultural Businesses. After Training Follow Up till success is achieved.

How and easy ways to get Agric Loans. That is, if you act within 14 days of receiving this free report by sending us your e-mail payment notification advice.

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‘Add grasscutter rearing to RFJs’

Grasscutter breeding is highly lucrative; the market opportunities of grasscutter is yet to be fully explored. Grasscutter, botanically called Thryonomys swinderianus and commonly called the Greater cane rat, is a micro-livestock widely found in the grasslands, wet or marshy areas in Africa. They used to be widely hunted but they can now be domesticated for commercial purpose. Of all grasscutter products, the meat is of high economic importance. Grasscutters are highly prolific animals as they are sexually matured and able to reproduce at around five to six months, with a litter size of about twelve 12 in a year. They are easy to manage and grow faster under an intensive system with the production of quality protein.


How to Start Grasscutter Farming Business

In setting it up, you must separate the region they sleep from the region they carry out any other form of activity. This is especially important because grasscutters hate to sleep where they feed. When placing grasscutters in their pens, you should ensure that each colony would be about 1 male to 4 to 6 females. Two fully grown males cannot live together, and would fight till one is dead. In constructing your grasscutter cages, ensure it adheres to a close dimension of cm in length, 60cm in width, and 45cm in height.


How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Ghana. Complete Guide

Basic Equipment in Grasscutter Rearing Reproduction in Grasscutter Mating Management in Grasscutters Detection of Pregnancy in Grasscutters Selection of Breeding stock in Grasscutter farming Differentiation of Male from Female Cost Benefit Analysis of Grasscutter Production


Grasscutter farming: A manual for beginners in Nigeria

However, before going into the details about starting a profitable grasscutter farm, it is important to discuss about grasscutters or cane rats. Grasscutters Thryonomys swinderianus , also called Cane Rats and Grass Cutter in English-speaking West African countries, Agouti in French-speaking West African countries and hedgehogs in Central Africa, are rodents that are widely found in wet or grasslands areas in Africa. Though these animals are widely hunted in Africa, they can be domesticated like other micro-livestock animals such as rabbits. Some characteristics of grasscutters are: Grascutters are placid and relatively prolific animal They become sexually active and mature at months. At this age they can reproduce and give birth to as high as 12 young. They can be easily reared or managed, and this made their domestication as an alternative to poaching them in the wild. They can grow rapidly in intensive conditions The meat of grasscutters is very rich in protein and economically valuable.

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