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This Book from Humayun Ahmed books. The behavior of those who are unhealthy, unfamiliar with lifeand completely indifferent to masculinity. He is jobless because he has neverhad a job, even though he has a job opportunity.

In his unusual character,he wanders the streets, day and night, with yellow Punjabi barefoot, and occasionally astonishes people by prophesying. The real name of the character is Himalaya. The name was kept by his father. He built a school to create the High Priest whose only student was his child Himu Somogro. Himor clothing is yellow Punjabi without pocket. The color of the garment was selected as yellow because of the color of the yellow color.

One of his activities is to travel aimlessly in the city of Dhaka. Spiritual abilities are often seen in the novel. Although Himu himself does not acknowledge any of his spiritual abilities.

Himu Somogro conduct is misleading. His reactions to various situations confuse others,and this confusion is one of the most beloved works of Himu. Ignoring love love falls into the religion of Himu Somogro.

No Maya could control him in any novel. She disappears as soon as she gets stuck in the window. The Himu novels usually contain people from certain genres of Himu Himu Somogro who consider Himu as a great man. Some of the more fanatical characters such as mess managers or hotel owners are seen in almost all the novels. Also, in some books he is seen to have good relations with various terrorists and murderers.

Hemura has a girlfriend named Rupa. Not owned by this site. Please contact us. Let us know, we will delete the book from the site within 12 hours. Knowledge is increased by reading Bangla books. It is not possible for us to buy all the books. So this is a small effort. We have no other purpose here. If you like this book then definitely like it. And share it with your good friends.





Himur Ekanto Sakkhatkar O Onnanno Humayun Ahmed


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