Tauzilkree There are on-line videos that show how to arrange this wrap. See each photo for fabric defect associated with each item. Babies feel so snug and comfortable in the sling, it is a great addition to your baby gear. September 21, at 9: Up to 35 lbs.

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B: Red Arrow — Located on inside of pouch next to caution label. D: Good Fit Zone — Pouch should sit at belly button or slightly below. Out of the package, the Hotslings AP fits the largest in our caregiver size range. To make the pouch smaller, pull the straps through the buckles. Without baby in sling, check for correct fit by placing the pouch on your shoulder red arrow against your body, pointing toward your neck.

If pouch is too loose or too tight, take baby out of pouch and adjust slightly by pulling the straps through the buckles until you have a good fit. If pouch is fully extended or fully collapsed and does not fit, please contact customer service for a solution. Semi-Reclined Carry — 3,6 kg — 4 Months 1. Put pouch on shoulder.

Lower him bottom first, sliding his back down your front. Baby should be between the two layers of fabric. Now cradle his head with the side of the sling. Baby should sit semi-reclined. Front Carry — 2 — 8 Months 1. Put pouch on desired shoulder. Find the pouch opening. The seam should be in front of baby. Baby may be facing forward or sideways. Head support should not be necessary at this stage. Open folds of pouch to make a seat.



Gorr Hotslings baby carrier that offers several ways to use the sling to carry your baby comfortably. Show only see all. This is in excellent used condition. The pouch style sling is safe for newborns and toddlers up to 35 lbs. This easy to use pouch is baby pink in color and is ideal for the shower, pool, beach, or anywhere really.


Hotslings instructions and videos


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