Introductie In werd een begin gemaakt met de Franstalige Rode reeks. Bij de uitgave van de verhalen werd niet de chronologische volgorde van de avonturen aangehouden. De nummers zijn nooit verschenen. Bij de start van de vierkleurenreeks in heeft men de nummering van de Nederlandstalige en Franstalige reeks gelijkgetrokken. Als gevolg daarvan viel er een gat in de nummering van de Franse reeks.

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Main characters[ edit ] The main characters are a group of friends. In the next comic, they also meet Ambrose. Later, in De dolle musketiers book 18, , Jerom called Jethro in the UK version , the "strongest man in the western hemisphere", was introduced.

This happens only in the second album, Het Eiland Amoras from , which would become the first in the regular series. For the first album, the publisher had pushed Vandersteen to go with the name and character "Rikki", but the author soon worked around this and found a way to introduce "Suske", in part because he thought Rikki resembled Tintin too much. Spike has black hair with a small trademark spike. He started out as a hyperactive and headlong fighter, not unlike many a young male adolescent in the "Seefhoek", the Antwerp neighborhood where Vandersteen grew up.

Only in the first album, Spike would get totally out of control when he heard the battle cry "Seefhoek vooruit! But as soon as his outfit evolved from mere duds towards a more tidy red polo shirt and black trousers, he became a well-behaved and obedient boy. He is smart, brave, idealistic and mostly rational, making him an emotional opposite to Suzy.

Where she gets in trouble with Sidonia or Ambrose, he acts as go-between to restore peace. She first appeared in the very first out-of-series prequel Rikki en Wiske in Chocowakije from , where she has an older brother Rikki, but he disappears after that story to be replaced by Spike.

Suzy lives together with him and her aunt Sidonia, and is typically certainly in the older stories dressed in a white skirt with a red stripe, and a red ribbon in her fair hair. In the first stories, she looks like a preschooler of about 6 years old, but soon afterwards she evolves into a young teenager of about Vandersteen seems to have modelled her after his oldest daughter Leen, of similar age at the time.

Aspects of her character that come naturally with a young teenager who enters puberty, and a great plot device since her repeated stubbornness and inobedience is the source of many an adventure. Since her emotions and human shortcomings often overpower her rationality, she is sensitive to paranormal and mystical happenings that are routinely dismissed by the others.

Her relationship with Spike both are considered orphans is mostly one between siblings, although at times it looks like there are more feelings under the surface, as she can get quite jealous and querulous when Spike gets female attention.

Suzy is also a brave girl, especially when it comes to defending her doll Muffin, for whom she shows unconditional motherly love. Despite her difficult character at times, she appears contrite and righteous.

Suzy ends most of the albums by winking to the reader from within the very last panel. A small human probably female figure, she is inanimate. She has a major role in a few stories when she gets stolen album 6, "Prinses Zagemeel" , brought to life, or is turned into a mindless giant.

The original name Schalulleke, a Flemish dialect word for a scallion , was not acceptable in the Netherlands since lul is a Dutch slang word for penis. Nevertheless she also often joins the heroes on their adventures, and occasionally shows unexpected qualities as pilot of the Gyronef. As such, her looks are often the target of offensive remarks, in particular by a less than subtle Ambrose.

On the other hand, her thinness enables her to pull off tricks like hiding herself in a split second from the bad guys behind nearby streetlights and telephone poles. Sidonia is also known for her hysterical nervous breakdowns, where she can often no longer utter words while her body ends up as stiff as a wooden plank, and for her unrequited crush on Ambrose. He starts off as a jungle explorer with a topee , but later becomes the archetypical comics professor: glasses, a white laboratory coat , often absent-minded because he is thinking deeply about some scientific question.

Although he is not a mad scientist , and entirely benevolent, his inventions regularly cause trouble when they end up in the wrong hands. This happens more than once because of his lack of streetwiseness in dealing with criminals.

His main inventions are the Teletime machine which enables them to travel through time and space , the Gyronef a helicopter well ahead of its time , the Terranef a subterranean vehicle , and the Klankentapper, which enables one to talk with plants and inanimate objects.

Contrary to most other main characters, he does not appear in all comics. Ambrose, originally called Lambik and once known as Orville, is a bald man apart from six hairs, three on either side of about fifty. The original Flemish name was inspired by a Belgian beer Lambic that is brewed in the Belgian region of Pajottenland , where Vandersteen lived for a short time. He is first encountered in album 3, The Zincshrinker, as a rather stupid plumber, although Vandersteen already created the standalone personage the year before as "Pukkel" "pimple" in English.

In the beginning, Ambrose was presented as a typical working class member: rough and rather simple and uneducated. Prone to alcoholism and other scourges, he also had a somewhat tragic side. In particular in the period of The Blue Series , Ambrose suddenly becomes sophisticated, bright and brave, even aristocratic for example he teaches fencing and is arguably truly the main character of the story in those albums.

Later, the personage gets its definitive outfit black trousers, white starched shirt and a black bow tie and settles as a middle class part-time father figure for Spike and Suzy, who lives together with Jethro. Ambrose is intended as the comic relief of the series. His baldness and pronounced nose inspire ridicule throughout the whole series. Another returning joke is how he brings up his World War I military gear sandbags, barbed wire, helmet, rifle Generally presumptuous, vain and impulsive, he confronts the reader with his own shortcomings.

His friends then usually play along, just to keep him happy. The relationship between Suzy and Ambrose, one even more stubborn than the other, makes for a great generation conflict that spices up many stories.

In the end, Ambrose does have a noble nature, as illustrated by the many occasions that he sacrifices himself for the greater good. But it helps a great deal when he is first assured of recognition Jethro , originally known as Jerom or Jerommeke and also known as Wilbur, is an extremely strong man, brought from prehistory to the Middle Ages by an alchemist in album 18, The merry musketeers, as a mindless weapon.

Although he is introduced into the series as an opponent, he quickly turns around as he falls in love with Muffin and becomes a caring man instead of a wild beast.

Initially he is dressed in a loincloth only with an occasional cravat added in an amusing attempt to appear more civilized and speaks in grunts and monosyllables.

His prehistoric background causes him to observe the modern world and customs with the naivete and often unimpeded insight of a child. But soon afterwards he becomes a smart, sophisticated man, although he still speaks in a peculiar shorthand. As such, his character is often used as a deus ex machina solution for the troubles his friends and especially Ambrose get in. But when the scenarists are inspired, he is equally often drugged or away on a trip as to avoid the easy solution for the story.

Other recurring characters[ edit ] Krimson. A principal villain , Krimson was introduced in Het rijmende paard 48, He survives a plane-crash and starts over as an international drug kingpin in De sissende sampan 49, before serving a prison-sentence. In Amoris van Amoras , Krimson seems to have changed his ways by becoming a project-developer on Hoboken. This appears to be a passing interest as De Kwaaie Kwieten , marks his return to form by constructing a top-secret military base capable of fighting extraterrestrials.

Growing stronger again, Krimson manages to overthrow the Belgian government De Krimson Crisis, , For reasons unknown he often suffers from mental breakdowns, throwing fits until his butler force feeds him a large quantity of pills. Despite his name there is no connection between him and the colour crimson , other than that both often have sinister connotations.

He is more primitive than his brother, but substantially smarter. He dresses in animal skins and wears a beard, though it is unknown if he, unlike Ambrose, has much hair on his head as he always sports a bowler hat. He spends more time in the air and in trees than on the ground, and therefore has acquired some bird characteristics, such as standing on his hands instead of his feet and chirping while speaking.

His favorite food is birdseed. He has appeared in 5 albums so far. He died of alcohol abuse and therefore always appears as a ghost with a bottle chained to his leg.

Because of his drunkenness, Sus Antigoon often brings the protagonists in danger. He has appeared in 12 albums so far. Character evolution[ edit ] Over the course of the series, characters are added and changed, and stories become more didactic.

Ambrose and Jethro change significantly: in the beginning, Ambrose was just an amusing fool , but in the Blue Series he appears more sophisticated and heroic, evolving towards a cynical and sceptical man in the current stories. In early stories, Jethro was initially portrayed as an ignorant strong man , who evolved into a sophisticated and quiet man in later works. In most stories Muffin is only a doll, but one very special to Suzy, and they are inseparable.

In some stories Muffin comes to life and plays an important role. Settings[ edit ] In the earliest stories, Willy Vandersteen used fictional countries like "Chokowakije" "Chocolaslovakia" and "Amoras" a tropical island, "Hoboken", actually a real town in Belgium, in the English-language version. He dropped the use of those after a few stories, although some later stories revisit Amoras. Most of the current adventures of Spike and Suzy happen in real countries all over the world, with Belgium their home country as main focus for many stories.

While in the early stories large distances were usually traveled using the fictitious Gyronef, an experimental helicopter devised by professor Barabas, starting from the s all air travel is provided by the Dutch national airline KLM , making it an early and prominent example of product placement in European comics.

Vandersteen established Studio Vandersteen in to manage his expanded activities. Geerts did this until , when he gave this task to Marc Verhaegen. From on, a team of writers and cartoonists makes the new series, led by Luc Morjeau.

These authors are helped by Studio Vandersteen. Publications[ edit ] Newspapers and magazines[ edit ] Before Suske en Wiske appeared as albums, they were published in several newspapers and magazines, such as: De Standaard The Red Series contains the vast majority of the books, and is so called because all of the books in this series have a red coloured cover. There are only a few books in the blue series, and they are so called because of their blue cover.

The blue series encompasses all those originally published in Tintin and Kuifje. The Red series is everything published before or after.

The following album series exist: The Flemish non-coloured series — : The French non-coloured series The non-coloured series in Dutch for the Netherlands — : The Flemish two-coloured series — : 7,19,20, The French two-coloured series The Dutch two-coloured series — : 1,8,10,11, The "uniform" Flemish -Belgian - Dutch two-coloured series — : under flamingantistic influence The four-coloured series


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