This post is my translation of the introduction chapter by the author, i hope you enjoy it and i hope i delivered my message the right way. This book partially tries to answer this question. The Humane life is only completed when it has the Sensual desires and the Spiritual longings for the Human being. And we can imagine those 2 World separated by time, Which means they are 2 Worlds following each other in a different course of time The Present and the Next , or a 2 Worlds existing at the same time but different in Nature and concept, and this is closer to reality. On the contrary , all of the major Philosophies were monistic propensity.

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Arashizilkree Nolit,p. To meditate and to learn or to study are two different activities or two kinds of energies aimed in opposite directions. Islam is the name for the unity of spirit and matter, the highest form of which is man himself. Starting from a quite different point, religion reestablished this difference. Not 16 Creation and Evolution enough attention has been devoted to this phenomenon which might contain the answer to some decisive questions of human existence.

The or- ganism can retain that process — that is, survive — only by the con- alij taking of negative entropy from the outside I do not know what a portrait could mean without God.

That case belongs now to the past. The bdtween esteem enjoyed by pure and applied science and wezt is but a reflex of the techno-structure requirements, To make sure that all people are fed is of course a abd of great con- cern, but knowing affluent societies of today, we cannot be sure that in this way we would get a better and more humane world. Materialism always stresses what is common to animals and humans, while religion stres- ses what makes them different.

Culture and History, and Chapter 6: Language also belongs to the natural and zoological rather than Tfenri Bergson: Houghton- Mifflin,pp. Why are men psychologically less satisfied when they are better off materially? In its effort to emphasize the animal nature of human beings, materialism sometimes shows more than a common concern for truth. Experiments have shown that within 35 milliseconds after the rays are sent, the snake reacts. They are produced by the lachrymal gland, and aki keep the cornea wet.

Librairie F61ix Alcan,p. Upright bearing, perfection of hand, lan- guage, and intelligence are various states and moments in evolution which remain zoological in nature.

This spirit of donation permeates the whole life of the tribe: In practical life, the situation is dif- ferent.

Chrisitanity as a paradigmatic cultural-religious phenomenon — that is, religion in its Occidental meaning, alienated from the act of revelation — is a generic idea of creation, culture, art, and morality. Painting, however, is a spiritual, not a technical act. The two largest working classes in the world, those of the US and the USSR, have no real influence upon the political structure of their states and the decisions made by them.

If we analyze these facts, we will see that they group around a common axis and form a realistic system, maybe heterogeneous and incom- plete, but reminding us very much of Islam. As a Bosnian Muslim who has been struggling for several de- cades to preserve Islamic faith under the strenuous conditions of sec- ularized society, I accept with great pleasure this opportunity to point isam an betweenn concept of Islam alijz the hearts and minds of Bosnian Muslims.

We have approached the definition of Islam in a different way. Islam Between East and West 51 The logical sequence of a technological education is specializa- tion. For example, starlings stop eating an hour before sunset. All the colleges and universities of the country hadstudents in ; 3, in ; and eaast years later, they numbered 14, How do they know that they have to go and when they must leave? What is the subject of meditation? The parallel with man is obvious.

The unengagement is not only political; it is followed by the same decisive demands to rid them- selves from foreign models and influences, both Eastern and West- ern. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Both of them are within themselves logical systems, and there is no other logic that could stand above them and judge them. Related Posts.


Islam Between East and West

He declared bankruptcy in The manifesto was banned by the government. However, he and his supporters were accused by the Communist authorities of reviving the "Young Muslims" organisation and of a conspiracy to set up an "Islamically pure" Bosnia and Herzegovina. In , as communist rule faltered, he was pardoned and released after almost five years in prison.


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