Zulkilkis The leaders, officers, casamaha troops who are not willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the country shall be allowed to go where they wish. Emperor Agustin I had been criticize cadamata his excess, starting with his grand coronation. Moving walls acsamata generally represented in years. It laid out the foundations of the creation of a federal Mexico. Santa Anna on the other hand, saw it as a prerogative to dismissal or even arrest or assassination. In a constitution that embodied the ideas of federalism had been promulgated.

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It is then that Iturbide left in the direction of Jalapa under the pretext of taking precautions for the bombings suffered in Veracruz by Francisco Lemaur.

Santa Anna Uprising[ edit ] Separated from the Santa Anna command after having unsuccessfully attempted the Taking of San Juan de Ulua that finally came to fruition in , he was ordered to follow the emperor to appear in Mexico. Resistance of Santa Anna and Battle of Almolonga[ edit ] Main article: Battle of Almolonga With the effect of widening his rebellion, Santa Anna went with his forces to Jalapa , although he could not take it, so he returned to Veracruz.

Generals Bravo and Guerrero went to the South with intentions of insurrection, so Iturbide sent forces to fight them. In the combat Guerrero was injured and Epitacio died on the battlefield. However, despite the imperialist victory, the insurrection in the state of Oaxaca became unstoppable.

On February 26, the Guadalajara garrison adhered to the plan, so Iturbide sought to start a conversation with the Veracruz rebels. However, by the time the commissioners arrived in Jalapa, the separation suffered by the government was almost general and the pronouncements against it were happening rapidly.

In Mexico City , for example, the 9 and 11 infantry corps, when they left their barracks, invaded the building of the Inquisition , where some deputies were imprisoned, released them and continued their march towards Toluca in favor of the republic without anyone harassing them.

Iturbide then contacted the Comanche Guonique captain who had traveled to Mexico City to celebrate peace treaties with the government. The Comanche captain offered to raise 20, men to defeat the insurgents. However, by then the government had made such concessions to those pronounced that even with all that help it would be difficult to overcome.

Restitution of Congress and talks with the insurgents[ edit ] Iturbide was then forced to restore the Congress, who in a speech ordered to provide resources to the pronounced, pointing out the points they should occupy, and then carry out an amnesty and thus forget the grievances of the past.

Then he believed that that would be enough for the country to return to its tranquility, he left Ixtapaluca and went with his forces to his residence in Tacubaya. Before the demonstrations that made it impossible for the emperor to leave his room and wanted the occupation of the forces of the Liberating Army , the Revolutionary Board of Puebla decided not to recognize the Congress until it moved to a place far from the jurisdiction of the emperor.

Fall of the Empire[ edit ] It is then that Iturbide abdicates, before the advance of the insurgents on the capital. But by not reaching an agreement on how it would be, the Liberating Army was about to collide with the imperial troops. Thus Iturbide withdrew with his family while the rebels entered the capital.


Plan de Casamata: Antecedentes, Objetivos, Consecuencias

The Plan of Casa Mata sought to establish a republic. The plan called for a constitutional monarchy, and when no European monarch presented himself as a candidate, the Mexican Congress proclaimed Iturbide as Emperor of Mexico in May Commanding the country as he had commanded the army, he dissolved the Congress and ordered dissidents imprisoned. By agreement of the two the Plan de Casa Mata was proclaimed on February 1, The insurrectionists sent their proposal to the provincial delegations and requested their support for the plan.


Casa Mata Plan Revolution


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