You can develop stronger working relationships and gauge their reactions instantly — making business more responsive and productive. With approximately four times more detail than standard definition SD images, the exceptional HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level. The HD video quality provided by Sony not only enhances your daily video conferences with life like images, but also lets you see details that were not before visible with SD systems — which is especially useful for applications such as product design conferences. Achieving i HD video quality and life-like sound, the powerful, affordable, and compact PCS-XG80 HD Visual Communication System is ideal for videoconferencing at all levels of business, as well as for distance learning. HD videoconferencing is now available for your daily communication needs.

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Allows resolution up to full HD p, multi-point control up to 06 points and up to 10 points. With the Brightface technology, the PCS XG80 delivers clear picture quality even when the camera is backlit, while the built-in Voice Activated Swiching mode automatically displays the large screen in place. The XG80 also supports recording of meetings via memory card.

XG80 is the best solution for online meeting needs from 5 to 6 HD points. This industry-leading system delivers i HD resolution at a reasonable price, allowing up to six real-time collaboration. As the display and screen size become larger, the image size is also enlarged, which is why high-definition online conferencing systems are very important. High resolution images provide up to four times more detail than standard images, providing real-life detail and depth and depth to the visual experience.

The Sony PCS-XG80 is a powerful, powerful system in a compact codec that is ideal for business applications requiring real-time communications at a higher level of HD performance.

High resolution. It is in our DNA. Features Sony PCS-XG Full HD p video resolution Ability to upgrade multiple points to 06 points and 10 points Brightface technology produces clear images when the camera is inverted Voice Active allows you to zoom in on the speaking bridge Support to export 02 monitors Integrated data sharing H.


Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 User Manual

Moreover, the units can be operated at p resolution, 60 frames per second, to produce more natural video. Share : Description Technical infomation Guide Quotation Comment [] Compact design, i HD video quality, real-life audio, affordable, the Sony PCS-XG80 - the ideal video conference device for any business or organization, as well as for distance learning. The quality of HD video provided by Sony not only enhances your daily videoconferencing effect with live images, but also allows you to see clearly the details that are not visible to us. SD System - This feature is especially useful for applications such as product design meetings. This saves you time if you need to use the system both in an intranet environment and over the Internet. Sony has a long history of developing visual communication systems that help users communicate more effectively regardless of location or distance. And with the latest technology, Sony is seen as a new era of visual communication.


Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 Handbücher

Tygosar Featuring six-site multipoint conferencing, users can call up to five other remote sites to simultaneously meet, with multi-language support for 20 different languages available through easy-to-navigate menus. It was noticed that with the current software version 1. Note — Some of the competing systems on the web may not include the data sharing feature PCSA-DSG80and they may be old stock without full Sony 1 year warranty, and without the required 1 or 3 year service contract. September 30, until October 15, The pcs-xv80 control always worked very well in both directions provided the technical prerequisites at the remote station were present.


Sony PCS-XG80S High Definition Video Conferencing Codec


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