Gorbad Ironclaw[ edit ] Gorbad Ironclaw, atop his vicious boar Gnarla, was the mightiest Warlord that ever lived in the warhammer fantasy universe. Gorbad Ironclaw and his tribe, the Ironclaw Orcs, absorbed the Broken Tooth tribe along with the local Goblin and Night Goblin tribes, to create a massive force of Greenskin warriors. At the fortress of Altdorf, the Waaagh! Gorbad unleashed Wyverns upon the city, who threw the defenders into disarray but were ultimately repelled without achieving their main objective, which was to destroy the city gates. It is not known if Gorbad survived the encounter.

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On Orcyness[ edit ] Straight outta da Badlands , green, swole and ready ta roll! The race generally speaks in a Cockney a type of British accent yes the lime-men come in different types. They incorporate things from football soccer hooligans as well, since during the time that Warhammer was first created there was something of social unrest as soccer matches often devolved into very violent fights.

Just as soccer fans are prone to strange practices like wearing specific clothing the day their team plays to assigning particular meanings to colors and designs, Orcs follow suit. Any time Orcs get lines of speech, their words are spelled in heavy-handed parodies of their accent. Unlike 40k, Fantasy greenskins are far more diverse in origin, some even being capable of sexual reproduction maybe.

Also unlike 40k, where the greenskins are pretty much just Orks and their goblin-like diminutive expendable servants called Grots, Fantasy greenskins consist of an extraordinary variety of different types based on region of origin and role in the greater group with the smaller Goblins having equal importance to the bigger Orcs.

The army also consists of Giants, Trolls, Squigs, Dire Wolves, Dire Boars, and pretty much anything else greenskins can goad into battle and in earlier editions had savage Humans and Half-Orcs as well. Going beyond the tabletop, mercenaries from other races such as humans and Ogres may find themselves marching with more intelligent groups of Orcs and Goblins.

Greenskins are, along with humans, particularly susceptible to Undeath. Just about anything you can think of to put in would work in fluff, as the army books continually state that greenskins are a very diverse group. Orc chain of command is usually established passively by size, and when size is close then by physical combat or more trivial ways such as yelling louder than the other greenskin.

Goblins tend to be more intelligent, and establish the pecking order through convincing others of their importance, usually just by being the goblin capable of telling the biggest lie and getting others to believe it. Most are born with a rudimentary level of knowledge, with larger varieties rarely learning more than what they began with.

Deyz can all zog off. The main drive in life for greenskins is to fight and die in spectacular ways. More intelligent varieties may see greater purpose in life, from Orcs who realize that gold has value or who witness a great sight such as a knight mounted on a dragon which they will seek to emulate, to Goblins who may dedicate themselves to the Chaos Gods or decide to entirely wipe out a group which has for as long as their tribe can remember kept their numbers low.

Tribes that have been entirely wiped-out sometimes resurface, either because a story told by a Shaman inspires new greenskins to "join it", or because of the intervention of Gork and Mork, or maybe Mork and Gork. Simply obtaining looted gear belonging to an older tribe may inspire the new wielders to align themselves to it, leading to the same tribe existing in multiple places at once and having no knowledge of each other.

Greenskins are not only willing to fight their own, many look forward to it. They tend towards xenophobia, and combined with their diverse physical forms leads to constant conflict.

As previously stated, this is in their minds a good thing. When they do fight other groups, results are varied. Depictions of deities and figures are usually defaced, and remade into dedications to their local gods or the supreme gods of the greenskins Gork and Mork or possible Mork and Gork. Some of these, through the magic of their race, animate. Things of value to them are looted, usually weapons and armor before things like gold and gems.

Wood that can be re-purposed is taken to save time from chopping it. Conquered peoples fare different fates depending on numerous factors; sometimes winding up as slaves, beaten to work and dying at the boredom of their captors.

Some are consumed as rations, men women and children alike. Some are ignored, since they provide no decent fight to be had and bothering with them would be a waste of time that could be spent marching to a fight.

Many players migrating from 40k may find greenskins to be less customizable than the 41st Millennium variant. While Orks are known to "loot" things from other races, like space ships and gear, and slap it together with shit literally and duct tape then simply mass-believe it into working until it does allowing players to buy what they want from other armies and Ork it up, Fantasy greenskins are less prone to the same level of extreme change. Ogres tend to be the more custom army.

Quite the opposite, they have more tabletop options than any army in the vanilla game and represent the "jack of all trades" option for the Destruction evil armies with their opposite being The Empire. Females and Hybrids? Half-orcs existed from 1st to 3rd edition Warhammer, and females had models. However, much like everything else it borrowed from Fantasy, the creation of 40k shat all over the Orcs and Goblins concept.

After Goblins "Grots" were relegated exclusively to the status of "bitch Orks", GW concocted a bullshit explanation for their endless numbers; that Orks are mono-gender.

While it was mentioned in early 40k fluff in a large list of Ork mutations that "Femboyz" exist, they were never elaborated on nor mentioned again. Little else on the list that never received a model was either however. This handily explains the massive population growth of Orks despite their comically high losses, which were dialed up to 11 in 40k as well.

While it was never made legitimately all-encompassing canon in Warhammer Fantasy via an all-inclusive "Orcs and Goblins breed through spores only"-style entry, GW nonetheless never mentioned Half-Orcs or Orc females again after 3rd edition. Night Goblins are mentioned to come from spores in a Black Library Skarsnik novel, although this can be explained by the strange anatomy and fungus obsession of the buggers as it is.

In the ill-fated Warhammer Online game, Orc players begin their life emerging from a spore cave; but this game is non-canon, and took many liberties with lore. Greenskin origins are suggested but not confirmed to be from spores brought accidentally by Old Ones.

But since it was never actually retconned or contradicted, some players use the fluff that at least some Orcs and Goblins are technically still mammals and thus have some females who breed sometimes with some humans. Some have even possibly jokingly suggested a connection between the fungal nature of the new greenskin lore, and yeast infections. These are only a fan theories designed to bridge the gap between new and old lore, however.

Much of the argument stems from two groups of purists; the first believing that the spore "Orkyness" makes Warhammer greenskins more unique. The second argues against anything that came from Warhammer iiiiiiiiiiin spaaaaaace. Factor in accusation of Magical Realm , and you have a complete disaster. Uncharacteristically, Half Orcs are not described as pig-disgusting to humans and weak to greenskins.

While they were described as being usually evil, Orcs back in the day were actually evil as well rather than being the fight-loving dimwits of today. Female Orcs Orc Girlz? Female Goblins are rarer, as the specific look of Warhammer Goblins are rarely replicated elsewhere. Of course one can always just get creative with the Greenstuff Half-Orcs are mentioned in fluff blurbs, the old Orc cheerleaders are female, and there has also been mention of spores.

Now the Waaaghs can be regularly found on the side-lines whenever the Gouged Eye take to the pitch, hurling insults and sometimes bottles at the players, starting crude Orcish chants or egging the Orc players on to give the opposition more of a kicking. The original page referencing Half-Orcs. An original Citadel female Orc model, alongside the Boy of that era.

Artwork from Blood Bowl depicting an Orcy cheerleader. The Citadel Orc Villagers series, which contained numerous females as well as children.

The current Forgeworld female Orcs, sold as cheerleaders. At best, they are entertained with tales of violence particular emphasis on the onomatopoeias. Shamans who manage to work up illusion magic and form visuals are well-prized by the group. Greenskins factor into the histories of most races in the world. Earliest firsthand knowledge comes from a Tomb King in the days before the collapse of the Warp Gates who spent much of his mortal life hunting them for his amusement and to keep their race from spilling into Nehekhara.

The Lizardmen Saurus were immediately tasked to wipe them out a task they failed at, and put on the backburner when the Gates collapsed and Daemons came into the world. It is unknown where they fit into the plan of the Chaos Gods and Old Ones, but their natural affinity for chaos surpassing Chaos assures that whatever plan they were meant for, they almost certainly are no longer on that path. Varieties[ edit ] Greenskins adapt to their environment over time, resulting in varied greenskin subgroups.

I miss da sunny hills. Plain Goblins Your standard Goblin. Not necessarily found in plains regions. Goblins are short greenskins with sharp teeth and large noses. They are generally cruel and cowardly, torturing anything they catch to death and the cruelest ways for lulz, and generally running from any fight unless full of adrenaline, afraid of what would happen if they run, or outnumber the enemy by a substantial margin. Due to being more dexterous and on average, intelligent than their larger kin, Orcs will bully Goblins into doing the manual labor and work such as maintaining equipment or constructing anything.

Forest Goblins Forest Goblins live in deep forests, as the name indicates. Forest Goblins revere the biggest spiders as gods. Night Goblins While plain and forest goblins are essentially the exact same goblins, just with different living locations and customs, Night Goblins are considered a separate kind altogether, even more cowardly than regular goblins if more agile. The Night Goblins have a heavy connection to fungus, being the only ones willing to consume Madcap Mushrooms and attempt to domesticate Squigs.

Night Goblins have established themselves as the Arch-enemy of the other underground races, the Skaven and the Dwarfs. Plain Orcs Standard Orcs, also not found exclusively in plains. Orcs are taller than humans and as muscular and stocky as a Dwarf, and possess a pig-like nose and tusks. Orcs are capable of being as cruel as Goblins, but less interested in asserting their dominance via torture unless a foe is entertaining enough to make suffer.

Generally speaking Orcs look at smaller non-Orcs as food, labor, or something to simply kill and move on. Thanks to their strength, Goblins that outnumber Orcs use THEM as labor instead and force them to do the grunt work under the directions of a Goblin master.

Savage Orcs Orc traditionalists, eschewing the iron working of the orcs. Savage orcs go into battle wearing nothing but body paint, much to the displeasure of any non-orc fighting them. They have a variety of customs that other orcs consider to be unusual such as music made with drums or piercing themselves with bones.

Despite this, Savage Orcs are even more bellicose than regular orcs, fighting even more ferociously. Black Orcs The rarest and most dangerous of the orcs. The Black Orcs came into existence when the Chaos Dwarfs tried to breed a smarter and stronger breed of orc. Which is exactly what they got. These orcs quickly led a rebellion and escaped into the wider world. Unlike the rest of the Greenskin kind, Black Orcs are disciplined soldiers and leaders, meticulously maintaining their armor and weapons, both of which they carry in greater abundance than regular orcs and Black Orc leaders do not tolerate any infighting in their clans.

Widely considered killjoys by the rest of the Orcs. Hobgoblins Hated by all other races of greenskins for not supporting the slave uprising against the Chaos Dwarfs. Backstabby even by greenskin standards.

Its noted that in lore no other greenskin would trust them or suffer them to live, but in actual descriptions of the Hobgoblin warbands their armies are described as mixing greenskin groups, and being brought in as allies of others.


Orcs & Goblins

The Loop Games Do you like this video? Azhag the Slaughterer is one of the most infamous Orcish Warlords in recent history. He has brought a trail of ruin and destruction to the northern lands of the Old World , laying waste to cities, fortresses and mountain strongholds wherever he goes. Atop his head lies the key to his power and uncommon intelligence in tactics and warfare - an ominous iron crown which emanates an ancient evil long thought forgotten from history. It is from this crown, a relic of olden days, which granted Azhag sorcerous powers and gave him the vision he needed to command a Waaagh!


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Orcs & Goblins

Lore of Fire Lore of Beasts While at least some of the eight main lores can be used by many armies of the Warhammer world many races have their own unique magical Lores. The most significant changes which ensure incompatibility between editions have been made to the magic, army composition systems, and specialist troop types. The starter armies in the box sets have gradually grown more detailed with each succeeding generation, and the 7th edition was the first to be titled as a scenario "The Battle for Skull Pass" instead of just Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Of the High Elves which have appeared in the 4th edition and 8th edition , while the 4th edition only contained Spearmen and Bowmen figures essentially, just two types of figurines plus a cardboard cutout for the general, [1] the 8th edition contains a more widely varied army including cavalry, Sword Masters, mage, and a general mounted on a griffon. Reaper is more a skirmish game for up to 30 miniatures rather than a large-scale wargame.


Azhag the Slaughterer

Named Characters[ edit ] Note: Under the current edition, named characters tend to be overpriced; you can pretty easily emulate most named as wholes from scratch and save yourself some points. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead. He also counts as both your general AND battle standard bearer, which is both a bonus and a curse. His only disadvantage is his high point cost coming in at almost points! Him being both the general and the BSB is sometimes terrible. If he breaks from combat he automatically dies, because the BSB stands his ground defending the banner and is killed.


On Orcyness[ edit ] Straight outta da Badlands , green, swole and ready ta roll! The race generally speaks in a Cockney a type of British accent yes the lime-men come in different types. They incorporate things from football soccer hooligans as well, since during the time that Warhammer was first created there was something of social unrest as soccer matches often devolved into very violent fights. Just as soccer fans are prone to strange practices like wearing specific clothing the day their team plays to assigning particular meanings to colors and designs, Orcs follow suit. Any time Orcs get lines of speech, their words are spelled in heavy-handed parodies of their accent. Unlike 40k, Fantasy greenskins are far more diverse in origin, some even being capable of sexual reproduction maybe.

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